Monday, November 22, 2004

The returning flows

Vibration is the thing and its eternal sending forth. Your intention is the driving force.

Do not worry about sustaining the the energy. You say that you got it going. That is enough. It is a ripple in the waters of your mindscape which causes a sympathetic-corresponding vibrational correction along the axis of neighboring dimensions. By continuing the process periodically we have waves of influence acting in accordance with the direction of our intention.

I would suggest that when you receive the return flow that you have sufficiently charged the ethers. It is good that your thoughts go off. Then it is time to rest until you are ready to go through another cycle.

Watch for-be attentive to these waves returning to you either as sound(s) or subtle thoughts that are inspired by this. You will know them by their particular flavor. Also events will shape themselves somewhat differently. By sending out with your voice and listening with you ears, you bring about the upper flows of higher voice, and awakened hearing.

Take your time with this. Do not rush the beat. Get in the groove and relax there.


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