Thursday, November 18, 2004

Alchemy X

Relax into your good.
     Spirit shapes the fires flow within.
      Inside here we meet going out to the end.
     The perfection of the stone cannot be achieved with this give and take.
     Meaning followed by expansion, integration through probing, and synthesis in union.
     We, you, I, whatever have never been alone.
     There you stand and I am with you.
     Receive the essence in grace rising up.
     In this way the mind is still.

     Do you want to know a way?
     Consider what happens when you listen.
     Yes your ears, your eyes, your skin, your nose and tongue and something else.
     It is where you reside within, the shape of who you are.

     It speaks to me now and comes from different places within, some deeper than others.
     I accept this because I need to in order to grow in my understanding of all that is.
     For too long I've been fighting these voices, this energy; I realize this now.
     They are gentle and giving and the source of all the wisdom that is in me.

     Descriptions are applicable for tangible substance but not for this.
     It is the mind flow of inner meaning, yet still this falls short.
     I can feel it move within or is it that I move in sympathy with it.
     Yes that is more the answer as I have just received the return flow.

     My confusion is in the separation of the subtle from the gross.
     There is that which I desire and where I want to move to.
     There is also that which shows me the way or moves out of the way as I come near.
     Is this just some kind of beckoning which calls me inside leading on to discovery after discovery?

     It is telling me about time and about how to focus beyond time.
     Also there is something about instantaneous translation of energy.
     By letting go of the mold or form it becomes self fulfilling.
     It fulfills itself into now.

     This is a greater spirit that I move inside of.
     No separation anywhere could I find.
     It is our nature to divide and analyze.
     I am told to look for the whole being.

     I am surprised.
     Every reference point is expanded into myriad directions.
     Curiously though I am not lost.
     To know this part of myself I need to envision, encompass the whole.

     In order to witness the proof you must dive deeply within.
     Sometimes deep emotion will give you glimpses but not enough control to continue.
     Persistent patient inquiry will lead to listening for subtle humors to embark.
     These subtle humors are wisps of the thing but having found them breathe deeply of them.

     Every time you open up inside you will see the reflection of that opening appearing outside.
     In this way nature maintains a balance, a continuity of purpose and unity of form.
     I will tell you something now that has never been told.
     The answer to life everlasting is to become that which you have always been inside.

     Unify the answers
     Awaken the binding ties.
     Vivify the outermost courses.
     Raise the mind to fly

     Yes movement is there within
     It is why every thought is in motion
     The turning point comes in deep devotion
     Of itself it shows the way.

     Expect out of this everything.
     Its only purpose is to bring us
     always closer the golden ring
     symbol of completion and perfection


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