Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Increasing the Focus

Sometimes in order to focus more accurately and get a clearer image you must be a greater distance from the intended object you are focusing on. This depends upon the lens you are using for your sense of the clarity of the image. Specialized lens called Macro lens allow you to focus very tightly on the image. I am looking for an equivalent spiritual lens to focus my thoughts upon to bring in images to their maximum focus. In this way the focused image is able to be brought into the clearest representation of what it is we are seeking to make by conjuring this image. The answer that comes immediately to mind is that in order to attenuate the image we are to keep adding detail to it. We add detail while the detail that has already been added remains in our picture as well. One of the ways to go about this is from the center moving outward in arcs of movement and form. As we look around us these arcs become suffused with the images of our thoughts and special details we are adding as we go along. In the center therefore is the thing itself. This is our central focus. Within this focus are the special parameters we require to be a part of this focus. For me this is the phone call which I've already received in a less developed form. This makes it easier to imagine more detail within this phone call itself and to imagine the successful outcome of this phone call. A sense of calm as I receive the call is definitely a part of the center of this vision. This calm comes from the expectancy of the outcome which acts like a fishing line reel in the outcome in an effortless fashion. No tugging or pulling are necessary. I simply can allow the line to become hooked and calmly watch the catch be reeled in right before my very eyes. Affirmations steady the line. It is the end which is bringing about both beginning and middle event horizons. Excitement builds because of the certainty that is being produced. Expectation then becomes a wave which influences the these events as they occur. The purpose here is provide a way within for the groove of thought to work its way into the events as they are taking place. Timing then becomes an issue as pinpoint awareness steps in to lead the way. It is now the leading edge of the thing itself that we are turned on to. In order to grasp it in our hands and give it the longevity for birth we look beyond the thing itself into the first wave of reflection. It is here that we may offer any corrections that are needed to sustain the energy flow indefinitely. Therefore do we time ourselves to remember and cause the currents of manifestation to appear steadily in an uniterrupted flow.


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