Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The nature of meditation

It is the nature of meditation to become creative. In order to capture the flavor of creation our thoughts while being directed cannot be forced into a mold that would not be natural to their expression. This is apparently a paradox. How can we both direct our thoughts and yet let them go.

Here the answer is simple. We direct the arrow and then let it go to reach its mark.

One of the adjuncts of meditation is that our thoughts will open their expressions in response to our feelings of approval during the ongoing process. These feelings of approval provide the certainty of preparing the way before us.

Just like we don't wear the same clothes each day we also do not have to try and copy each day's meditation. We may use as a framework exercises to regulate our breathing but our inner game must always be determined by inspiration.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Higher Awareness

The purpose is to invoke the higher powers to aid you in the performance of the miracles of awareness. This awareness is the seeing through until the final outcome of your heart's desire. To this end the attention is brought back to the connection that is the key to this higher awareness. The connection is always intimated and then felt. It is a part of that which is always within you. It awaits your acceptance to flow from this above to the below of the world of manifestation. This acceptance is the ddiscovery within of the various correspondences between your thoughts and the ensuing experiences. The procedure for awakening and experiencing the simultaneity of these things is as follows;

Enter into the becoming of the thing. Fill your thoughts easily with the remembrances of becoming. Breathe in deeply your acceptance here. Come to know that yes this thing called your heart's desire is a reality now. You do not have to wait any longer. It is here with you as a construct first of all of your imagination.

Consider this construct of your imagination to be worn by you as you would a garment. Wrap it around yourselfand feel its comforting presence. Expand with your senses your awareness not only of your outer skin but also of this garment you are now choosing to wear. It it the world that you are planning on entering into.

Relax and let this world come to be on its own inner creative urges. All the while you are continuing to extend your senses and then breathe in deeply the impressions that you receive from your questing awareness.

Build certainty by connecting on high and then breathing in deeply the sense of this connection. Make sure you get a solid feeling for what is occuring now; a feeling that you may return to easily enough in future meditations. Once this feeling is established then extend your senses to the world of your hearts desire. This next step is called Creative Online Dreaming.

Creative Online Dreaming is moving into the center of your heart's desire actively connected and sending your thoughts as you would in a dream before you to open up the world that is at present inside of you. Have the distinction of affecting the molecules the air around you. Sense their transformations as you further extend your intention so that now swirling around in a counterclockwise galactic flow from the center outward.

What you are witnessing is your connection with the eternal life process. This is going on endlessly. There are many suggestions for how you may accomplish the ends you seek, however, the most telling suggestion is to remember to use the entire playing field. An example is given of a baseball batter who is having trouble getting a hit because he only hits the ball to left field due to the nature of his swing. A coach suggests to him to slightly alter his swing and this results in hitting to all fields in the ball park thereby increasing his chances for getting the ball to drop in safely for a hit. Spiritually we must always keep an open mind allowing our inner sense to direct us in whatever ways seem right in the moment. Consider for a moment infinite universe and the awesome creation that is ongoing there. Are we set apart from this creation or are we connected in totality to these events taking place millions of years both past and future. Remember time is where we send our awareness to grow.

We are made of starstuff. The same cosmic forces operating in the universe at large operate on a smaller scale within our bodies and deep within our minds. The connections that exist between nerve cells and the body are similar to the light of the suns which shine on planets built to house the that issues forth from them. Every moment we are breathing another piece of a star. Yes the refinements of our planetary condition limit our immediate awareness of this phenomena but when you stop to think that the smallest particles already pass through us then you will begin to have an idea of the scope of what our awareness is capable of.

If you look at the pictures of the formation of stars and the formations of the synapes in your brain and body they are very similar. There is no coincidence to their similarity. A thought that is posited becomes in a sense another star formation building and growing until it reaches full fledged star status. The infinite universe provides for all thought to become outpictured in this way. Stars require enormous energy to sustain their reactions. They are built with this energy inherent in their structure. This energy is the energy of becoming. Therefore the energy for a star's formation is in its becoming. It follows a period of growth where massive energy is given off which then tranforms until finally the energy of the star is spent. Stars always accomplish their purpose. The is an intelligent design behind that purpose which may be broadly called the energy of becoming.

We use this same energy of becoming in our meditations. Everytime we form thoughts around a central idea and then extend our awaress outward into the multiverse we are mirroring the actions a star takes in its cycle of developing. When I look up and see the stars in the sky they represent to me the vast eternal truths under which we are not only born but we are also destined to replicate in our life experiences.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Sunrise and Sunset

I looked past the mountains skyline to catch the first rays of the rising sun. The meadow through which I was walking was thick with dew on either side of the well travelled path. The sliver of light in the distance broadened to a warm glow. All around me I heard the crackling of small critters slowly moving here and there on their morning adventures. The trail veered off to the east and would circle slowly to the right and around. These switchbacks were part of a small series of hills imbued with pulsing power from the days when the first magicians stored their mana deep in the earth with spells of forever lasting long past their ascendancy and eventual demise. I slowed my pace as soon as I felt the gentle pull that signalled the time of connection was near. There it was. I had reach the first nexus point. I stopped and placed my left arm out straight along the heart axis and my right arm was also extended ninety degrees from my left. The vortex began as a rush of current up my spine. The world vanished from view. A loud voice boomed inside of my thoughts.
'What are you doing here?" It asked.

"I seek the all power and come by right of listening deeply," I spoke in the time honored response.

"Fool among men. Will you never learn? This power you feel is long ago. It is no longer here. Why do you seek that which you already have?" The voice sternly reproached me. I was confused. This was the exact place where I must stand. What could have gone wrong? It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. I had to answer or lose my mind in the web of power that I felt ensnared in now.

"Is this not the place of all power?" I asked feeling myself leaving the presence that was responding here.
"You are the place of all power. Everywhere all the time no matter what the circumstances seem to be," The voice answered and then rapidly faded as the world once again came into view. I could no longer feel the pulsing without yet everywhere I walked there was the presence of something within that I now knew was the reason and the answer to why I was once again walking along this trail. He stopped and sat down on a large rock and let his thoughts form themselves in the light of his recent revelation.

'The all power is within. I don't have to look any further or search far and wide. All that is required is to call it forth from within and let it shape the events of my life. There are no outward appearances that evoke this all power. Always the appearance follows the inward reflection. It is not the other way around.

I have the innate ability to make this connection with all power. It is the birthright of my ancestors given to me to explore and to express this connection with all power. Everything I've ever read or written that has rung true within me has pointed to my own ability to make this connection time and again. It is my own personal and intimate connection with all power that calls it forth into my awareness of being.

Each time I make the attempt to feel this power or to connect with it I gain further confidence within. The expression of this confidence makes openings into the quantum sphere. These openings follow the direction of the connections that I am feeling with the tendrils of my imagination.

The Wonder of the Wind:

Have you ever tried watching the wind?

I can only see it when it touches something lighter than itself.

My gaze turns to focus and there I see the wind.

Is it always there or am I just remembering it as it passes by?

Thoughts seem easier to catch although even when they are transferred to paper the translation seems less than their initial appearance. Perhaps because feelings are attached to thoughts we cannot quite describe the depth of meanings contained within. I can tell you one thing. It isn't for lack of trying.

I end this work day wondering which is a switch for me. Usually each day begins in wonder which slowly fades into corporate neccessity. It feels right however, to finish like this.

I thought I would let you know. I hope you understand.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Movement in Mind

Who is like unto thee? No one.

How could there be when you change from moment to moment yet are always available in constant becoming? How is it that thou manifests thyself?

Right here and right here and right now completely as you see me.

What if I want to see thee differently according to my own inner vision sense?

I am that vision sense so that what you see I already am.

What if I can see what thou art or what thou has become?

Start from within to without and then you will see. You are never far from your heart's desire. It is really only a thought away. It is the thought that completely accepts the truth about your heart's desire and then acts from this truth.

What steps do I have to take in order to get there?

Keep generating the thoughts of your heart's desire. One moment you will the generate the thought of its appearance. It really is that simple. Yes this happens by design. I knew that was your next question. Listen. Thought follows thought and then progresses accordingly. Your focus doesn't have to keep repeating the same thought. Be open to the transformations that occur freely within the framework of thought and then surround this framework with your expectation. Now there is a secret explained to reveal all that is. It makes you into something you currently are not but are destined to become. It is the way of focal enhancement.

There is something familiar about this process. What is it?

It is the same process you've used time and again throughout all the transformations that have ever taken place. Seek and you find. Look for the associations that your thoughts and experiences will give. See them in the same light as you would the revelation of light from the darkness of early morning to the mid morning brightness that paints the skies with color. When in doubt move towards your goal. See it before you. Reach our and touch a feature of your vision. Above all say yes to now.

What else can I do?

Practice expectation. Get to know this feeling and draw it ever closer to fulfillment and satisfaction. Do not accept the status quo. Allow feelings of expansion to wash over you. See this expansion taking place continuously. Make your eyes witnesses to surprise. Let go of the next moment and give it up to God-the holy spirit-the miracle indwelling power-your expectation.

Bahir Verse 107

107. What is the meaning of the verse (Numbers 6:24-26) , "May God (YHVH) bless you and watch you. May God (YHVH) make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May God (YHVH) lift His face to you and give you peace." This is the explicit Name of the Blessed Holy One. It is the Name containing twelve letters, as it is written, YHVH YHVH YHVH. This teaches us that God's names consists of three troops. Each troop resembles the other, and each one's name is like [the other's] named. All of them are sealed with Yod He Vav He . And how? The [four letters] Yod He Vav He can be permuted 24 different ways, forming one troop. This is, "May God (YHVH) bless you..." In a similar manner, the second one, "May God (YHVH) make His face shine..." These are 24 names of the Blessed Holy One. In a similar manner, the third one, "May God (YHVH) lift His face..." These are 24 names of the Blessed Holy One. This teaches us that each army, with its leaders and officers, has 24. Multiply 24 by three and you have the 72 names of the Blessed Holy One. These are the 72 names derived from the verses (Exodus 14:19-21), "And travelled... And came ... And stretched ..."

Commentary: Since the 72 names are mentioned here is the JPS english text version.
Exodus 14:
Verse 19 And the angel of God, who went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud removed from before them, and stood behind them
Verse 20 and it came between the camp of Egypt and the camp of Israel; and there was the cloud and the darkness here, yet gave it light by night there; and the one came not near the other all the night.
Verse 21 And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all the night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.

Commentary: Since there are three verses in this 'priestly blessing' we will try and match each one with the corresponding verses from the Exodus passage that derives these 72 names.
First: Verse 19 And the angel of God, who went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud removed from before them, and stood behind them. Compare this with, "May God (YHVH) bless you and watch you. " There is an intricate yet simple message here about how blessings are both asked for and given. The asking, May God (YHVH) and the giving the angel of God as the purveyor of the blessing. Why are we asked to link these two together here in the exposition of the names? What purpose or intent is this pointing to? Think about your life experiences as they pass before your eyes. Aren't these experiences permutations of your feelings and thoughts? What is the missing ingredient here? It is the connection that you desire to experience. How do you experience connection other than by rising up within yourself to reach your highest thoughts? When this blessing is given who are we asking? Shouldn't we then say in the affirmative, 'God bless you and watch you?'
The key here is the intermediary. God as a concept cannot be addressed. The God concept by definition defies description. We are able to grasp the intermediary which produces the results that we are looking for. This intermediaryis the angel of God seen going before Israel, going before all that is to become of us and preparing the way for our salvation. It is to this intermediary then that we may speak to. It isn't that God isn't listening it is that in our communication we him he have to pick up the phone by contacting this angel of God. The angel of God is our connection with the inexpressible name of God. This intermediary is that which is always present which is our capacity of connection. Therefore when say the first part of this blessing remember that you are asking for this presence of unity within to be active so that your awareness may connect with and benefit from the this onsite mirror of reflection. Consider this as an act then of plugging into the universal. Here is how this is respresented by Ex: Verse 19. The angel moves from in front of you to behind you. The evidence of the way also goes behind you. Presumably this is for the protection of Israel with the onset of the pursuing Egyptians. Mystically what is happening is that our doubts are being diffused by this Pillar Cloud preventing these doubts from becoming the focus of our thinking. Remember we are preparing the way for the miracle of the Red Sea crossing or the crossing over into the realm of miracles itself, the realization of our heart's desire. This movement is called a blessing and is yet a watching or an awareness. In mind you are calling a state of being into action. You are saying then to yourself that you want to be ready to receive that which you are holding in your vision. This brings us to the second part of the blessing.
Compare these two:

'and it came between the camp of Egypt and the camp of Israel; and there was the cloud and the darkness here, yet gave it light by night there; and the one came not near the other all the night.' and

'May God (YHVH) make His face shine on you and be gracious to you.'

Immediately your doubts (Egypt) are cut off. They are cut off from influencing the events of your heart's desire (Israel) This Pillar Cloud was darkness and light. There was a distinct separation that was granted between doubt and certainty. This must take place in order for certainty to proceed. See how the blessing mirrors this. The light of the blessing is for your enlightenment. By turning towards this light you accept the abundance and the possibilities that this light offers. Through the agency of the angel then again (May God) illuminate your vision (His face) which is the image and likeness of the thoughts you are directing with the intention of your design for your good. We are asking for the appearance of our good by grace or by the natural expression of our reaching up and letting go.

Once we are in this state of reception and then illumination it is time for the miracle to be enacted.

'And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all the night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.'

Here is an example of complete acceptance and as the LORD fills out the plans we have made and produces our hearts desire right in the midst of our present circumstances (the sea) by using the transformation of the (east wind-the sun of remembrance, the rising of our hopes and dreams and their fruition) sea which is our state of consciousness that we have assumed prior to this. Our thoughts are the sea that is the fullness of our cognitive awareness. This sea then is metamorphosed into the dry land so that we may walk on this dry land symbolizing the completion or demonstration of our heart's desire. The waters that are divided are the myriad possibilities that could have taken place but did not because of your continued focus and reliance upon the higher forces to ultimately bring forth the being of your memory. The blessing continues in similar fashion.

"May God (YHVH) lift His face to you and give you peace." When you can truly see your heart's desire there is no longer any wanting. You have what you have thought of. There is the satisfaction of knowing that your connection is holy. You and your heart's desire are one. The face that is lifted is the face of the reality of your vision. This vision had been placed on high as a hope or a dream and then it is lifted higher still until it becomes the reality of your experience. Peace is the place of no thought. It is the synthesis of thought and expression. One is seen in the other both as reflection and as imaged reality.

All of the above comes from the 72 permutations of YHVH which is to say the 72 transformations of the name. What is suggested is that no matter what way we may turn there is always ample room for connection. The angles may change and your thoughts and desires too but your connection is always there for you.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A place to be

The clouds were gently gathering.
The air was cool.
A gentle breeze was blowing.
In the distance he heard the sound of a horn blowing calling into existence another day.

He remembered standing here long ago.
This was his spot.
Once again he looked out on what was to be.
All I have to do now is to reach up on high.

It is that simple.
The best possible outcome is what I am looking for.
I see now how all of this works.
Let it go watching in wonder seeing it effortlessly return.

The fresh air felt wonderful.
It was the essence of life not in the breath but in its overtones.
Yes the signal notes of the expression of my hearts desire.
It makes sense to me why I had to return to this place at this point in my life.

As a child standing here birds would perch and sing.
Today they fly in the sky winking as they pass by.
I thank them with a smile.
With a dip of their wings they smile in return.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Get back into the flow

You work with what you are given from the point upon which you stand. Now is the place where you begin and then continue again and again. Move into the flow of manifestation. Accept with your being that which you seek.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bahir Verse 106

Here are discussed the axis, the sphere and the heart along with the centralized 32 paths of Wisdom.

Bahir Verse 106. Rabbi Berachiah sat and expounded: What is the Axis (Teli) ? This is the likeness that is before the Blessed Holy One. It is thus written (Song of Songs 5:11), "His locks are curled (Taltalim). " What is the Sphere? This is the Womb. What is the Heart? It is that regarding which it is written (Deuteronomy 4:11) , "unto the heart of heaven." In it are included the 32 mystical paths of Wisdom.

Commentary: The Axis - Heaven cannot be found unless you go off in search of it. Seek and you shall find. The likeness is the image of the vision that you in your meditation have place on high. You have placed it there to witness its outward flowing into manifestation. It is not a static place. It takes your images and send them forth accordingly. 'His locks are curled' refers to the unfolding of events which result in the appearance of the images you have formed in mind. It suggests the interlocking nature of circumstances. Circumstances need to be molded in a Sphere or Womb of enfoldment. Inside of this womb you must imbue its very essence with the emotion and passion of your making. That is why what comes next is referred to as the 'heart of heaven.' This is where all spontaneous generation takes place. You identify with this highest of all your aspirations in detail and in emotional focus. The 32 Paths of Wisdom refer to the Divine connections that we make in reaching up on high. All of these paths are chosen paths.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Listen for Enlightenment

Listen for the sound to come to you. It is the precursor of the vibration to come. Remember that the vibration is intimated by thought which serves as a marker and then becomes a place holder in mind to access the zone where the ripples of thought are being sent through. There is something called the contiguous mapping point where worlds intersect each other like the grid marks on a map. Begin by postulating the world of your hearts desire.

Listen for the higher voice. Promote it with the intelligence of your focus. Don't try and direct it. Let it take you where you want to go. This seems like a paradox. How can it take you where you want to go if you do not direct it there. Here is the explanation. Consider water running in a river. You wouldn't try and direct each droplet into the sea. Rather would you rely upon the force of gravity which brings fluids from the heights down to where the sea awaits their entrance into its fullness.

Keep your vision in mind. The way this vision becomes a reality is like the river rushing towards the sea. Become the sea already full and filling.

How can you maintain your focus in a world full of seeming distractions? It is only by the vibration of attunement that you will become one with your hearts desire. Practice feeling as though you are already there. When you do a certain sense of detachment comes to the immediate world around you. You then experience the phrase, 'being in this world but not of it.' Connect then by enlightenment.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Here and Now

Everything comes of itself. That is the way it must be. We need to breathe in before we breathe out. Relax and allow your focus to remember what it is you came here for. Your purpose is to share and so fill the world with beauty that there will be nowhere to be seen that will not resonate with this beauty.

Relax and fill yourself with expectation leaving anticipation behind. The difference is that the former always delivers while the latter wears you out with waiting.

Invent something new even if it is only another way of looking at things. It will clear space in your mind to reflect upon what it is you truly desire.

Your angel she listens to you and will always tell you straight from her heart what you need to know exactly in the moment you need to know it.

Reach up on high and accept this as another place to go. There is a palace of creation awaiting your slightest glance. Favors and blessings issue from here however, they are not given they may only be accepted.

You cannot take from that to which you haven't given.

We give more with our smiles and good will than anything else whatsoever.

Stop for love and to pay attention to it. In love you unify with both the object of love and your own self awareness of what it is doing to you. Let go inside of this expression and become that which you are seeking.

Love may ask what have you done for me lately? Your answer may be that I am here for you in this moment and time never was at all.

At the end of a very long note that I am singing my voice merges with the harmony of the universe and I cannot distinguish where I leave off and the universe begins. This is how it should be. Also as the note is fading and the air is just starting to dissipate inside the vocal channels somehow still the tone keeps fresh perpetuated by something else that I can never describe. In that sense the tone is still moving throughout the universe making friends everywhere it goes.

Bahir 105

We are speaking about the place of holiness within and how this relates without. At first these verses are terribly obscure but thanks to the magic of Modern Kabbalah they unravel easily into threads of the purest gold.

Bahir 105. What is the meaning of, "and the children you shall take for yourself"? Rabbi Rahumai said: These are the children that she raised. And who are they? They are the seven days of creation, and the seven days of Succot . Are the seven [days of Succot ] then not the same as the seven days of the week? The difference is that [the days of Succot ] are more holy. Regarding them it is written (Leviticus 23:37), "holy convocations." But then, why not [also include the seven weeks before] Shavuot, since this is also called (Leviticus 23:21), "a holy convocation"? He replied: Yes, but this is the one and the other is two. It is thus written (Exodus 12:16), "The first day shall be a holy convocation, and the seventh day shall be a holy convocation." He said: Why is Shavuot one [day]? Because the Torah was given to Israel on that day. And when the Torah was created in the beginning, the Blessed Holy One ruled His world alone with it. It is thus written (Psalm 111:10), "The beginning is wisdom, the fear of God." [God] said [to it], "This being so, your holiness shall be yours by yourself." And what is Succot? He replied: the letter Beth [which has the connotation of a house (Bayit) ]. It is thus written (Proverbs 24:3), "With wisdom a house is built." And how do we know that Succot has the connotation of a house? As it is written (Genesis 33:17) , "And Jacob travelled to Succot. He built himself a house, and for his livestock he built Succot (huts). Therefore he named the place Succot."

Commentary: In this verse a breakthrough is shown that is similar to what we find in the spaces of Torah. Others worlds are intimated by our reading. Let's look through the door and see what veils we can remove here. Who are the children mentioned above. They are joined together with being raised, holy convocations, days of the week, and the seven days of creation. The similar theme running through all of this is the outworking of time. Creation is a process. Our children are our thoughts which we nuture until they can stand on their own. We raise them by promoting their certainty. We keep our focus on that which is heart's desire by holding it above the mundane things of the world. Next the idea of Succoth is brought into the picture. Succoth is the house, the house of seven days or the house of creation. See the earth bring forth her fruit, the fruit of your intention the manifestation of your heart's desire. This quote, "This being so, your holiness shall be yours by yourself," refers to the particularization of form that only your thoughts can bring into being. You make your world by becoming this world in every aspect of its expression. That is why the idea of holiness of brought into play. Through holiness or wholeness-unity our thoughts reach their fullest expression. We learn to recognize the ebb and flow of life through this holiness that flows in and through us. By choosing to make this holiness your house your thoughts then share in this holiness which is the certainty of the manifestation of your heart's desire. Summary: Creation proceeds into its house which is embodied in holiness. Take ownership of your good intentions and raise them up on high. Promote the children of your making into the recognized adults of your making. Rest at peace within this process and let it all come true for you.

Friday, February 03, 2006

There is one voice yet it speaks to and through all. Look for it inside yourself. There is no where else it may be found.

Recognized authority cannot speak for this voice nor may they imitate its truth.

Follow the lights of your own fires burning.

Try spending one day without projecting your thoughts on another.

Learn to prosper in your thoughts and in your thinking about yourself.

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