Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Listen for Enlightenment

Listen for the sound to come to you. It is the precursor of the vibration to come. Remember that the vibration is intimated by thought which serves as a marker and then becomes a place holder in mind to access the zone where the ripples of thought are being sent through. There is something called the contiguous mapping point where worlds intersect each other like the grid marks on a map. Begin by postulating the world of your hearts desire.

Listen for the higher voice. Promote it with the intelligence of your focus. Don't try and direct it. Let it take you where you want to go. This seems like a paradox. How can it take you where you want to go if you do not direct it there. Here is the explanation. Consider water running in a river. You wouldn't try and direct each droplet into the sea. Rather would you rely upon the force of gravity which brings fluids from the heights down to where the sea awaits their entrance into its fullness.

Keep your vision in mind. The way this vision becomes a reality is like the river rushing towards the sea. Become the sea already full and filling.

How can you maintain your focus in a world full of seeming distractions? It is only by the vibration of attunement that you will become one with your hearts desire. Practice feeling as though you are already there. When you do a certain sense of detachment comes to the immediate world around you. You then experience the phrase, 'being in this world but not of it.' Connect then by enlightenment.


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