Friday, February 17, 2006

A place to be

The clouds were gently gathering.
The air was cool.
A gentle breeze was blowing.
In the distance he heard the sound of a horn blowing calling into existence another day.

He remembered standing here long ago.
This was his spot.
Once again he looked out on what was to be.
All I have to do now is to reach up on high.

It is that simple.
The best possible outcome is what I am looking for.
I see now how all of this works.
Let it go watching in wonder seeing it effortlessly return.

The fresh air felt wonderful.
It was the essence of life not in the breath but in its overtones.
Yes the signal notes of the expression of my hearts desire.
It makes sense to me why I had to return to this place at this point in my life.

As a child standing here birds would perch and sing.
Today they fly in the sky winking as they pass by.
I thank them with a smile.
With a dip of their wings they smile in return.


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