Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Movement in Mind

Who is like unto thee? No one.

How could there be when you change from moment to moment yet are always available in constant becoming? How is it that thou manifests thyself?

Right here and right here and right now completely as you see me.

What if I want to see thee differently according to my own inner vision sense?

I am that vision sense so that what you see I already am.

What if I can see what thou art or what thou has become?

Start from within to without and then you will see. You are never far from your heart's desire. It is really only a thought away. It is the thought that completely accepts the truth about your heart's desire and then acts from this truth.

What steps do I have to take in order to get there?

Keep generating the thoughts of your heart's desire. One moment you will the generate the thought of its appearance. It really is that simple. Yes this happens by design. I knew that was your next question. Listen. Thought follows thought and then progresses accordingly. Your focus doesn't have to keep repeating the same thought. Be open to the transformations that occur freely within the framework of thought and then surround this framework with your expectation. Now there is a secret explained to reveal all that is. It makes you into something you currently are not but are destined to become. It is the way of focal enhancement.

There is something familiar about this process. What is it?

It is the same process you've used time and again throughout all the transformations that have ever taken place. Seek and you find. Look for the associations that your thoughts and experiences will give. See them in the same light as you would the revelation of light from the darkness of early morning to the mid morning brightness that paints the skies with color. When in doubt move towards your goal. See it before you. Reach our and touch a feature of your vision. Above all say yes to now.

What else can I do?

Practice expectation. Get to know this feeling and draw it ever closer to fulfillment and satisfaction. Do not accept the status quo. Allow feelings of expansion to wash over you. See this expansion taking place continuously. Make your eyes witnesses to surprise. Let go of the next moment and give it up to God-the holy spirit-the miracle indwelling power-your expectation.


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