Monday, February 27, 2006

Higher Awareness

The purpose is to invoke the higher powers to aid you in the performance of the miracles of awareness. This awareness is the seeing through until the final outcome of your heart's desire. To this end the attention is brought back to the connection that is the key to this higher awareness. The connection is always intimated and then felt. It is a part of that which is always within you. It awaits your acceptance to flow from this above to the below of the world of manifestation. This acceptance is the ddiscovery within of the various correspondences between your thoughts and the ensuing experiences. The procedure for awakening and experiencing the simultaneity of these things is as follows;

Enter into the becoming of the thing. Fill your thoughts easily with the remembrances of becoming. Breathe in deeply your acceptance here. Come to know that yes this thing called your heart's desire is a reality now. You do not have to wait any longer. It is here with you as a construct first of all of your imagination.

Consider this construct of your imagination to be worn by you as you would a garment. Wrap it around yourselfand feel its comforting presence. Expand with your senses your awareness not only of your outer skin but also of this garment you are now choosing to wear. It it the world that you are planning on entering into.

Relax and let this world come to be on its own inner creative urges. All the while you are continuing to extend your senses and then breathe in deeply the impressions that you receive from your questing awareness.

Build certainty by connecting on high and then breathing in deeply the sense of this connection. Make sure you get a solid feeling for what is occuring now; a feeling that you may return to easily enough in future meditations. Once this feeling is established then extend your senses to the world of your hearts desire. This next step is called Creative Online Dreaming.

Creative Online Dreaming is moving into the center of your heart's desire actively connected and sending your thoughts as you would in a dream before you to open up the world that is at present inside of you. Have the distinction of affecting the molecules the air around you. Sense their transformations as you further extend your intention so that now swirling around in a counterclockwise galactic flow from the center outward.

What you are witnessing is your connection with the eternal life process. This is going on endlessly. There are many suggestions for how you may accomplish the ends you seek, however, the most telling suggestion is to remember to use the entire playing field. An example is given of a baseball batter who is having trouble getting a hit because he only hits the ball to left field due to the nature of his swing. A coach suggests to him to slightly alter his swing and this results in hitting to all fields in the ball park thereby increasing his chances for getting the ball to drop in safely for a hit. Spiritually we must always keep an open mind allowing our inner sense to direct us in whatever ways seem right in the moment. Consider for a moment infinite universe and the awesome creation that is ongoing there. Are we set apart from this creation or are we connected in totality to these events taking place millions of years both past and future. Remember time is where we send our awareness to grow.

We are made of starstuff. The same cosmic forces operating in the universe at large operate on a smaller scale within our bodies and deep within our minds. The connections that exist between nerve cells and the body are similar to the light of the suns which shine on planets built to house the that issues forth from them. Every moment we are breathing another piece of a star. Yes the refinements of our planetary condition limit our immediate awareness of this phenomena but when you stop to think that the smallest particles already pass through us then you will begin to have an idea of the scope of what our awareness is capable of.

If you look at the pictures of the formation of stars and the formations of the synapes in your brain and body they are very similar. There is no coincidence to their similarity. A thought that is posited becomes in a sense another star formation building and growing until it reaches full fledged star status. The infinite universe provides for all thought to become outpictured in this way. Stars require enormous energy to sustain their reactions. They are built with this energy inherent in their structure. This energy is the energy of becoming. Therefore the energy for a star's formation is in its becoming. It follows a period of growth where massive energy is given off which then tranforms until finally the energy of the star is spent. Stars always accomplish their purpose. The is an intelligent design behind that purpose which may be broadly called the energy of becoming.

We use this same energy of becoming in our meditations. Everytime we form thoughts around a central idea and then extend our awaress outward into the multiverse we are mirroring the actions a star takes in its cycle of developing. When I look up and see the stars in the sky they represent to me the vast eternal truths under which we are not only born but we are also destined to replicate in our life experiences.


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