Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bahir Verse 106

Here are discussed the axis, the sphere and the heart along with the centralized 32 paths of Wisdom.

Bahir Verse 106. Rabbi Berachiah sat and expounded: What is the Axis (Teli) ? This is the likeness that is before the Blessed Holy One. It is thus written (Song of Songs 5:11), "His locks are curled (Taltalim). " What is the Sphere? This is the Womb. What is the Heart? It is that regarding which it is written (Deuteronomy 4:11) , "unto the heart of heaven." In it are included the 32 mystical paths of Wisdom.

Commentary: The Axis - Heaven cannot be found unless you go off in search of it. Seek and you shall find. The likeness is the image of the vision that you in your meditation have place on high. You have placed it there to witness its outward flowing into manifestation. It is not a static place. It takes your images and send them forth accordingly. 'His locks are curled' refers to the unfolding of events which result in the appearance of the images you have formed in mind. It suggests the interlocking nature of circumstances. Circumstances need to be molded in a Sphere or Womb of enfoldment. Inside of this womb you must imbue its very essence with the emotion and passion of your making. That is why what comes next is referred to as the 'heart of heaven.' This is where all spontaneous generation takes place. You identify with this highest of all your aspirations in detail and in emotional focus. The 32 Paths of Wisdom refer to the Divine connections that we make in reaching up on high. All of these paths are chosen paths.


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