Friday, February 24, 2006

Sunrise and Sunset

I looked past the mountains skyline to catch the first rays of the rising sun. The meadow through which I was walking was thick with dew on either side of the well travelled path. The sliver of light in the distance broadened to a warm glow. All around me I heard the crackling of small critters slowly moving here and there on their morning adventures. The trail veered off to the east and would circle slowly to the right and around. These switchbacks were part of a small series of hills imbued with pulsing power from the days when the first magicians stored their mana deep in the earth with spells of forever lasting long past their ascendancy and eventual demise. I slowed my pace as soon as I felt the gentle pull that signalled the time of connection was near. There it was. I had reach the first nexus point. I stopped and placed my left arm out straight along the heart axis and my right arm was also extended ninety degrees from my left. The vortex began as a rush of current up my spine. The world vanished from view. A loud voice boomed inside of my thoughts.
'What are you doing here?" It asked.

"I seek the all power and come by right of listening deeply," I spoke in the time honored response.

"Fool among men. Will you never learn? This power you feel is long ago. It is no longer here. Why do you seek that which you already have?" The voice sternly reproached me. I was confused. This was the exact place where I must stand. What could have gone wrong? It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. I had to answer or lose my mind in the web of power that I felt ensnared in now.

"Is this not the place of all power?" I asked feeling myself leaving the presence that was responding here.
"You are the place of all power. Everywhere all the time no matter what the circumstances seem to be," The voice answered and then rapidly faded as the world once again came into view. I could no longer feel the pulsing without yet everywhere I walked there was the presence of something within that I now knew was the reason and the answer to why I was once again walking along this trail. He stopped and sat down on a large rock and let his thoughts form themselves in the light of his recent revelation.

'The all power is within. I don't have to look any further or search far and wide. All that is required is to call it forth from within and let it shape the events of my life. There are no outward appearances that evoke this all power. Always the appearance follows the inward reflection. It is not the other way around.

I have the innate ability to make this connection with all power. It is the birthright of my ancestors given to me to explore and to express this connection with all power. Everything I've ever read or written that has rung true within me has pointed to my own ability to make this connection time and again. It is my own personal and intimate connection with all power that calls it forth into my awareness of being.

Each time I make the attempt to feel this power or to connect with it I gain further confidence within. The expression of this confidence makes openings into the quantum sphere. These openings follow the direction of the connections that I am feeling with the tendrils of my imagination.

The Wonder of the Wind:

Have you ever tried watching the wind?

I can only see it when it touches something lighter than itself.

My gaze turns to focus and there I see the wind.

Is it always there or am I just remembering it as it passes by?

Thoughts seem easier to catch although even when they are transferred to paper the translation seems less than their initial appearance. Perhaps because feelings are attached to thoughts we cannot quite describe the depth of meanings contained within. I can tell you one thing. It isn't for lack of trying.

I end this work day wondering which is a switch for me. Usually each day begins in wonder which slowly fades into corporate neccessity. It feels right however, to finish like this.

I thought I would let you know. I hope you understand.


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