Monday, February 06, 2006

Bahir 105

We are speaking about the place of holiness within and how this relates without. At first these verses are terribly obscure but thanks to the magic of Modern Kabbalah they unravel easily into threads of the purest gold.

Bahir 105. What is the meaning of, "and the children you shall take for yourself"? Rabbi Rahumai said: These are the children that she raised. And who are they? They are the seven days of creation, and the seven days of Succot . Are the seven [days of Succot ] then not the same as the seven days of the week? The difference is that [the days of Succot ] are more holy. Regarding them it is written (Leviticus 23:37), "holy convocations." But then, why not [also include the seven weeks before] Shavuot, since this is also called (Leviticus 23:21), "a holy convocation"? He replied: Yes, but this is the one and the other is two. It is thus written (Exodus 12:16), "The first day shall be a holy convocation, and the seventh day shall be a holy convocation." He said: Why is Shavuot one [day]? Because the Torah was given to Israel on that day. And when the Torah was created in the beginning, the Blessed Holy One ruled His world alone with it. It is thus written (Psalm 111:10), "The beginning is wisdom, the fear of God." [God] said [to it], "This being so, your holiness shall be yours by yourself." And what is Succot? He replied: the letter Beth [which has the connotation of a house (Bayit) ]. It is thus written (Proverbs 24:3), "With wisdom a house is built." And how do we know that Succot has the connotation of a house? As it is written (Genesis 33:17) , "And Jacob travelled to Succot. He built himself a house, and for his livestock he built Succot (huts). Therefore he named the place Succot."

Commentary: In this verse a breakthrough is shown that is similar to what we find in the spaces of Torah. Others worlds are intimated by our reading. Let's look through the door and see what veils we can remove here. Who are the children mentioned above. They are joined together with being raised, holy convocations, days of the week, and the seven days of creation. The similar theme running through all of this is the outworking of time. Creation is a process. Our children are our thoughts which we nuture until they can stand on their own. We raise them by promoting their certainty. We keep our focus on that which is heart's desire by holding it above the mundane things of the world. Next the idea of Succoth is brought into the picture. Succoth is the house, the house of seven days or the house of creation. See the earth bring forth her fruit, the fruit of your intention the manifestation of your heart's desire. This quote, "This being so, your holiness shall be yours by yourself," refers to the particularization of form that only your thoughts can bring into being. You make your world by becoming this world in every aspect of its expression. That is why the idea of holiness of brought into play. Through holiness or wholeness-unity our thoughts reach their fullest expression. We learn to recognize the ebb and flow of life through this holiness that flows in and through us. By choosing to make this holiness your house your thoughts then share in this holiness which is the certainty of the manifestation of your heart's desire. Summary: Creation proceeds into its house which is embodied in holiness. Take ownership of your good intentions and raise them up on high. Promote the children of your making into the recognized adults of your making. Rest at peace within this process and let it all come true for you.


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