Monday, February 06, 2006

Here and Now

Everything comes of itself. That is the way it must be. We need to breathe in before we breathe out. Relax and allow your focus to remember what it is you came here for. Your purpose is to share and so fill the world with beauty that there will be nowhere to be seen that will not resonate with this beauty.

Relax and fill yourself with expectation leaving anticipation behind. The difference is that the former always delivers while the latter wears you out with waiting.

Invent something new even if it is only another way of looking at things. It will clear space in your mind to reflect upon what it is you truly desire.

Your angel she listens to you and will always tell you straight from her heart what you need to know exactly in the moment you need to know it.

Reach up on high and accept this as another place to go. There is a palace of creation awaiting your slightest glance. Favors and blessings issue from here however, they are not given they may only be accepted.

You cannot take from that to which you haven't given.

We give more with our smiles and good will than anything else whatsoever.

Stop for love and to pay attention to it. In love you unify with both the object of love and your own self awareness of what it is doing to you. Let go inside of this expression and become that which you are seeking.

Love may ask what have you done for me lately? Your answer may be that I am here for you in this moment and time never was at all.

At the end of a very long note that I am singing my voice merges with the harmony of the universe and I cannot distinguish where I leave off and the universe begins. This is how it should be. Also as the note is fading and the air is just starting to dissipate inside the vocal channels somehow still the tone keeps fresh perpetuated by something else that I can never describe. In that sense the tone is still moving throughout the universe making friends everywhere it goes.


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