Monday, September 04, 2006

It is that deep inner center that must be recognized at its core for there is where all creation takes place from. Without this inner core the world is surround only with klippoth or illusion. Strangely we spend our lives trying to manipulate these klippoth only to find out that we aren't making much progress at all. It is a fact that when we turn away from these klippoth and let ourselves become intimately acquainted with that deep inner core that we can then see the effects that we have been trying to visualize take place finally in the outer world. It is the difference between speaking with someone who understands you and someone who simply nods their head in understanding. In the former case your words and actions may be carried out to the letter of your instructions. In the latter you may only have the illusion that they are being carried while all along under the surface something quite contrary to what you believe to be true is happening then all around you. You cannot work within chaos to provide order. Chaos is not the kind of clay that can be molded into any kind of permanent structure. Once again we must seek that inner core of being that stands at the center of where we look out and where become that which we see. Once we are established in such a stuation then it becomes a matter of making yourself open to what you can see. You do not have to assume the job of maker as you would in a chaos filled world. Here at your inner core creation becomes second nature. It is to this second nature that we arepointing our concentration towards in these moments. The best gauge of where you are at internally at any given moment in time is to ask yourself how you feel and then go deeply inside of these feelings to determine their conscious or subconscious nature. When thoughts are hidden from you and you feel uneasy these thoughts can only be those of chaos. They aren't laying right inside of you. You need to look at why this is so and then change your tactics in order to promote the order that lives inside of you. This order is a natural outgrowth of who you are. Reaching this place of being can be far simpler than you imagine. yes it is true that you may spend a lifetime in trying to find the doorway into this place within but once you do the only key that is necessary is your own acceptance of this opening that is now yours for just the taking of the first step within. What you do by opening the door and stepping inside is to begin to make this place your own. You do this by noticing the scenery and the calm peaceful feeling that you have once you relax yourself into being here. The question is asked, 'isn't this a state of mind that you are speaking of?' Yes this is it exactly. It is a state of mind brought about by the your own ability of accept this state of mind. It is a calm state of mind that sees all around it the evidence of countless years of visualization providing the proof of your concepts about thoughts becoming forms and the eternal nature of your dreams and aspirations.

In past discourses you've thoroughly described the outer circumstances that thought gives as sign posts to this inner dimension you are currently entering and exploring. So too were your results sporadic and mainly of an illusory nature. The image comes to mind of a thin layer of film formed into the shape of an airplane. From a distance the airplane looks real but once we try to fly within it and experiment in terms of its substance the whole thing then flys apart revealing the nothing of which it was made. The beauty of going deep to make your images grow into reality is that there is no end to the levels of complexity into which your ideas may be melded with. At the lower levels of ideation truth itself gives out its own kind of sustaining force so that your ideas not only come from truth they also reside within truth. This means that there doesn't have to a test for doubt because doubt cannot by definition reside where truth resides. The identification of which you want to become a part of is secured by gentle probingand a certainty of action. You look softly and then in an instant you are there. Move ahead now with these parameters fresh in your mind and continue to find more establishing roots so that you will be able to return to here at will.

By establishing these roots everything becomes easier . What you used to think about taking place now takes place even as you are thinking about it taking place. A dynamic is in place. It is one where both the idea and the action are simultaneously shared. The ongoing purpose is then to wake up with these feelings of being there in the moment and to take these feelings with you all through the day. Then even in sleeping you are accepting these ideas of your good in each moment that passes by.
Look for new ways then to describe your good coming from your new vantage point. Describe in terms of certainty and peaceful acceptance.


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