Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In the service of your good

Allow your mind to expand. Remember there is no time or space constraints to this expansion. You are and have always been everything all at once and in every location. Therefore when you think about what you want to be consider that you are already that state of being and then assume the attitude or consciousness of that state of being. This is a subtle thinking that goes without explanation and must be experienced in order to adequately explain. I am already the successful flow of being into manifestation. I've been doing this all along.

The main thing is to continue this flow of intention wherever you may find yourself. Send forth the shoots of certainty and watch them grow into towering trees of committment. Visualize their roots coursing throughout the entire subsystem of existence. There and beyond is where you are a resident of. Redirect your energies as needed in order to take advantage of each moments sensations and revelations. Throughout the course of your day move with the flow of manifestation letting the substance that must come through come through perfectly in line with the forms of your thinking. These forms are once again the roots of your foundation wherein you discover the moments that you are becoming are synonomous with when you are being inspired to become more than yourself.

Groove the calm inner center of this foundation and breathe in the vapors of certainly that are now being released from here. You make a choice and then you choose again in order to refine your process over and over again. Define where you are and where you are coming from. In this way you are constantly making connections between the subtle and the gross.

Connections: The abundance of the universe and all of its power are contained within. This abundance operates freely inside of my psyche. I can feel it and know it and do not have to explain it or rationalize its existence. I know what I feel and what I feel is the certainly of its being. It is in that very being that I take my sustenance from. There is no where else that it can come from. Certainly it doesn't come from any outside interventions but rather is the result of a natural process of expression. This expression completes itself through the agency of connection making the right choices and filling in the blanks where necessary. Those blanks are not open for just any kind of information. They are designated specifically for the expressions of your good that you have found in your inner core. At rest they are full in motion providing a paradox in terms of how thought flows into and out of being. Flowing with the current are all those associations that you have made with your good. Flowing against the current is the status quo forming the banks upon which all of your self expressions become not only fulfilled but expanded in their ultimate relationship with one another and with the new worlds that are being brought into being. See your good and feel your good knowing it in a palpable sense. Move yourself now inside of the moment of your continuous awakening. Be careful not to fall back to sleep into the world of the status where the periphery rules and central analysis is rarely ever thought of. Wake up inside of the world of your good. See yourself then the way your would like your life to be and then settle down for the root of the matter. Snip all errant expressions before they have a chance to bud. Allow yourself to be this tree of life in its totally envisioning all that you would have come to be. Use this silent expression for fulfillment. Tie the peaceful core of truth to your own reflection. Tie it in ways that maximize these connections between thoughts and yes between the forms of their issuing forth. Declare it to be so as you would plant a flag of sovereignty over new lands that you have conquered in some far away place. Moving always closest to the center build these ideas out of the spaces between the worlds placing planetary outposts where they need to be. Go there within and travel through space and time with the speed of thought and opening up your awareness along the way and letting in the light of revelation in ways never seen before. Yes you are the discoverer and the conqueror of all that you survey. The magic of your life is this movement that seeks connection and finds it always in higher levels of communication building itself out of your need and out of your intensity of expression.
This intensity comes from the committment of intention tying these two words or worlds together and showing the paradigm that we have placed inside of these expressions of unity occuring as they do in the moment of their birth.

Feel the response of light and of lightness of expression. See how easily all flows within. Watch the visions as they appear before you reminding you of countless stories you've heard or read about such place never realizing that they were always there inside of you. One step engenders another and so on throughout these worlds of unfoldment. The more that you attempt to describe the process the deeper inside of this process will you flow. Ultimately you will experience the growth within that unfolds without. Consider yourself. You are doing it. The periphery no longer assumes its importance. You are free to contemplate to your heart's content the inner core of being exactly where your good resides eternally awaiting your direction. Think of your life as a Big Top with you as the director of all the activities under the Top. Wave your wand inside and watch now as things begin to move and take shape and excitement builds. The veils of illusion drop. You are the magician and through your sleight of hand all of the worlds of your heart's desire suddenly are imbued with the irresistable life force. Breathe with then now the breath of true being. Feel them pulse now with the life that exudes in its full force throughout the realm of your heart's desire. Now when you look out you may only see your good. Keep going with this flow of imagination for it is the stuff of which your experiences can be made up of. Ignore the cobweb of periphery dissipating; brush them aside. See clearly the truth of your good. The subtle imagery you employ is working its magic. This is a unified system that works within itself by definition using everything including the seats and spectators in the playing field to operate in the service of your good. In the midst of all of this activate even your non thinking so that every energy you express of exert operates now in the service of your good.

Move past the obvious here and experience the attraction of your good. Think about it. You have brought forth many visions of your good exactly the way you wanted it to appear. Now that you are at the center of your good or the core of the good of your being what is happening is the natural process of innate attraction. This is where you see your good and are attracted by it drawing it forward now into being. Your eyes open and they close and a doorway is effectively produced making a portal from vision into reality in one simple flex of the mind understanding linking connecting with wisdom through the power of the heart of Tiphereth. See that these are simply symbols or placeholders for the mind to remember the pathways that it is traversing on its inward journey. Instead of working to produce effects in the outer world by constantly checking that outer world we now operate totally within building our good around us knowing that it must appear before us because in the truest sense of the word, we own our good and all of its reflections. Curiously enough the tension of making is no longer there. An easy flowing of thoughts and forms caress the mind and we relax in this affirmation of heights reached and understandings awakened. I am there beyond everything and within everything I am there and I get to choose how to express myself. I get to let go of that which I don't want to express and I get to take on that which I do want to express. I do this by becoming the portal through which both aspiration and fulfillment flow through sometimes simultaneously and always in direct motion according to the focus of my will. My will is my particular way of directing my attention towards a specific area of interest. By this attention that area of interest is opened up and explained in greater detail. In the wake of this self expression follows the fulfillment or satisfaction thought within itself.

Here is the thing. The deeper we go the more example of connection we may find in support of our central core ideas. It is this process of flowing inwards that is truly the function of all ideation. We think and our thoughts transform themselves in accordance with the will of their maker. They seek stasis which they find at the core and then more inspirations come forth promoting not only the harmony of the core but also the subtle deep connections that are taking place both because of their location and the intention ultimately of the maker.

Your good has been there from the beginning and represents your best thinking and your most sublime rise through the heights of your understanding. The certainty of the expression of your good is never more clear than when you discover and experience the core movement of peace. Finally there you are home for how could this be any place but home when you are surrounded by all of your thoughts of good and all of their subsequent expressions of demonstration for that good. By any terms you wish to describe this state of being it all comes down to being at one in the moment of your becoming.

Be watchful in the moment of how your good comes through to meet you. Take every opportunity to notice both the effects that occur and their underlying causes. Promote those causes and you will see that your good will find openings where before there were none. All of this happens throughout a cycle of activity that is ongoing. Declare your good to bring it before your eyes. Make this a part of all of your daily meditations.

Listen, whenever you visualize something or think about events that are to be your life either by aspiration or inspiration you are setting into motion the waters of memory to fill with the contents of your imaging proposals. What you do not realize is that your deep inner core is ready to fulfill these thoughts well past the forms into which you have imagined them. What it takes is your certainty that your good or your heart's desire is a valid attainment for you. You have to be there in terms of knowing that you can have everything you want not just what is meagre and left over. When this realization begins to take hold all kinds of wondeful things start to happen and continue in place to demonstrate what you are thinking is what you are experiencing.


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