Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bahir Verse 131

A key element is revealed here in the usual subtlety of the Bahir.

Bahir Verse 131. What is "God's glory"? What is this like? A king had a matron in his chamber, and all his troops delighted in her. She had sons, and each day they came to see the king and to bless him. They asked him, "Where is our mother?" He replied, "You cannot see her now." They said, "Let her be blessed wherever she is."

Commentary: God's glory is that indefinable something that you feel when you have that 'aha' sensation as a new idea just comes in to you. It is a rush of awareness and fills you with a unity of the presence of connection. Your thoughts are produced by 'God's Glory.' The matron then is the inspiration for this initial idea that the troops of the King delight in. The King is Chokmah and the troops are the realizations that occur in response to the Matron or God Glory. The sons inquire after the Mother who is the source of those ideas again God's Glory but seen from the thoughts or sons that have been born from the union of Mother and King. You cannot pinpoint God's Glory (the Mother, the Matron) but have the certainty that it is ever present no matter where it may be. It (God' Glory) is awakened in response to your recognition of its presence. That is why the sons say 'let her be blessed wherever she is,' because the source of all expansion and resulting creation comes from the influx of this energy of 'God's glory.'


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