Monday, April 24, 2006

Jamming on Creation.

The singers were camped at the bottom of the mountain. Despite the focus of the unrelenting sun the air was cool. The ceremony would begin shortly and then they would all walk the pathway leading to temple base a large circular area with two areas of exit. One of them led back down the mountain. The other ascended higher in a serpentine fashion and led to a causeway that ran around the rim. A large alcove was set inside of the causeway. It was there that the lead voice would take its place. The entire construction from temple base to causeway and the large alcove were one gigantic sound chamber. The voices from below would ring the etched crystalline marble sides vibrating the enclosure so that in the thin air the vibrations would cause a distinct funnel of sound energy. In this way the higher forces could be entered into and creation would be filtered according to those thought forms which had been raised on high. Then vibration would match vibration as the myriad worlds parted and then came together again. In an instant it was over. At the conclusion of the ceremony everything had completely changed in the valley below. It was a different world they descended to more abundant, hopeful and miraculous then they had left it. Some of the changes matched perfectly the visions that they had held in mind. Others were seen to be a blend of their vision and the addition of the unexpected boon that occured when creation starts jamming on a theme.
(Taken from Chronicles of the Myriad Universe - Section 20, part III)


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