Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bahir 125

Lets learn about the Sephiroth and where they come from and where we are going to as a result of this information.

Verse 125. Why are they called Sephiroth ? Because it is written (Psalm 19:2) , "The heavens declare (me-Saprim) the glory of God."

In a sense we are souls immersed within bodies or spirits encased in forms. What we need to realize is that despite the seeming permanence of this relationship spirits and form move within and without each other on a regular basis. Spirit is continuously changing its aspect to the form in which it resides. It is because of this changing aspect that life can at times become stressful and confusing. The concept of the Sephiroth gives us a path to track the center of our expression during any given moment of time. The above verse teaches us to look up for the location of our spirit for it is on high that our connection truly lies. 'The heavens declare' because that is where our knowledge comes from. It is the source of certainty. If we then proceed according to this certainty then all of the rest, i.e. 'the glory of god' is then shown to our awakened eyes of focus.


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