Friday, April 28, 2006

Bahir 128-129

Here we are being drilled in these Sephiroth repeating their central core in myriad ways.

Bahir 128. [The Kedushah is the verse (Isaiah 6:3) , "Holy holy holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is filled with His Glory."] What is the meaning of "holy holy holy"? [And why is it] foollowed by, "the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is filled with His glory"? The [first] "holy" is the highest Crown. The [second] "holy" is the root of the Tree. The [third] "holy" is attached and unified in them all. [This is followed by], "the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is filled with His glory."

The Kedushah is another example of the appearance of the three Supernals, Chokmah, Binah and Daas. The first holy is the place where the initial conception takes place (Chokmah). It is the Crown or the idea in its highest potential. The second holy represents what will now hold this idea together as in coming from the roots of the tree (Binah). It is where once established the idea may take hold and send forth the sustenance for the rest of the Tree. The third holy (Daas) is where we attach ourselves to this idea and make it our own. It is where by doing so this idea unifies our understanding our the entire flowing process. Literally we are filled with the glory or the prime essence of the idea. It is earthed within our being.

Lets elaborate specifically with Daas:

Verse 129. What is the "holy" that is attached and unified? What is this like? A king had sons, who in turn also had sons. When the [grand]sons do his will, he mingles with them, supports them, and satisfies them all. He gives [his sons] everything good, so that they should be able to satisfy their children. But when the [grand]children do not do his will, then he only gives the fathers as much as they need.

Commentary: Daas is the holy that is attached and unified. You abiility to become one with an idea depends upon first your understanding of this idea intellectually. It has to resonate within you by linking up with what you are looking for. Your thoughts must then arrange themselves around this idea in such a fashion that they can collect the essence of the idea which is basically the Binah process. When the King which is the Chocmah component issue forth this idea it is up to the Binah component or your own intellectual thought process to arrange itself around the idea. What you are doing is creating the conneciton within for this idea by the structures of imagination that have been born through your meditations. The flowing forth of this idea depends upon there being a container (Binah) for the King or Chokmah to flow into. Then once this container is arranged just so the idea can be attached and unified. What this verse is saying is that once you have that initial inspiration think about it and find out what it means to you. Keep flowing from this inspiration through the meanings that it holds for yourself until you not only create a container for this inspiration you fix it within your own being. You own it and can then both teach it and allow it to flow into the emotional qualities that come up in the next seven Sephiroth. Don't ever miss an opportunity to be inside of the connection of inspiration.


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