Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bahir Verse 126

Remember all throughout this discussion of Sephiroth we are discussing both the energy of creation and formation through all dimensions of existence. Energy or the flow of ideation throughout consciousness is the subtext that we see in front of us.

Bahir 126. And what are they? They are three. Among them are three troops and three dominions. The first dominion is light. Light is the life of water. The second dominion includes the Chaioth Ha-Qadesh , the Ophanim , the wheels of the Chariot, and all the troops of the Blessed Holy One. They bless, exalt, glorify, praise and sanctify the mighty King with the Kedushah . Arranged in the mystery of the great Kedushah is the fearsome and terrible King. And they crown Him with three "holies."

Commentary: Here is a description of the mystical Above arranged in the pattern of three. We will be asked to consider the various aspects of the Sephiroth as they are viewed from within holiness and then outside of holiness and in those in between places in mind. Three troops and three dominions.
This is a military organization. Here discipline is alluded to. It is the discipline that must be learned to direct the flows in mind. We can only approach holiness within our imaginations. What we envision within takes on first the quality of light. Immediately we associate light with water become of the flowing nature of light, water and thought. We have to recognize how we influence or direct this fluid motion. The bless, exalt, glorify, praise and sanctify are all phrases of directing our vision on high. From this initial flowing of light we then direct the course of this energy upwards as in obtaining a high vision. This high vision is how we are to make or remake our world in the image of holiness or in the reflection of our good. Included in the organization of our good are the holy beings, 'Chaioth Ha-Qadesh , the Ophanim , the wheels of the Chariot, and all the troops of the Blessed Holy One.' These holy being are where our heart's desire have taken root. They are the spiritual perfection of the good that we know is there and only have to promote in order to see it take form. The Kedushah is there to further accentuate these direct sendings of our intention. We'll talk more about the Kedushah further on in one of the upcoming verses. What is the 'fearsome and terrible King?' It is our heart's desire that which rules over us. Our good that we aspire towards and are learning how to bring not only into focus but also we are growing in our awareness of what to do with this focus. This 'crown' is certainty. It is the knowing that what we are putting forth will be arising up out of nothing to become our heart's desire.
You can only crown your heart's desire with this certainty coming from all three aspects of holiness which will again be discussed further on. Wow. Such a beginning.


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