Thursday, April 20, 2006

Priceless Freedom 2

The fruit had ripened overnight on the tree. Tom reached for it already tasting it in his mouth but then stopped. Men were marching by carrying rifles trudging wearily to the sounds of a battle in the distance. He drew closer and heard one of them say,

"We need you to fight with us. Heck we need everyone we can get," The lieutenant said his face grimed with the dirt, his eyes full of sadness tinged with regret. A few of the soldiers turned their heads then to look at him.

'Why? Tom asked looking at the lieutenant with clear innocent eyes. The lieutenant looked like he was about to answer as the column slowed imperceptibly to hear his response. Instead he shook his head and signalled for them to move on as he rejoined the formation.

Tom stood there watching and after a while when they were gone reached up and plucked the fruit from the tree.


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