Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bahir 130

Here were zero in on Chokmah and allude to the process of listening in for the inspiration that is resident all around us.

Verse 130. What is the meaning of, "the whole earth is filled with His glory"? This is the earth that was created on the first day. It is on high, filled with God's glory and paralleling the Land of Israel. And what is [this glory]? It is Wisdom, as it is written (Proverbs 3:35), "The wise shall inherit glory."

Commentary: Earth refers to our physicality. The glory spoken of is the elevation of thought so that not only is thought unified with itself it is also unified with the greater thought of manifest creation. Each time we consider the above or godliness and unify with it in our contemplation of it we bring forth more of this 'glory.' It is our physical system that we are transforming moment by moment. Chassidic teachings say that we have two souls, Animal Soul'' (nefesh habehamis) and the "G-dly Soul'' (nefesh ho'elokis). When we contemplate G-d we transform our attention from our animal nature into our godly nature. This is the transformation of the earth into 'glory' and if fact what we experience as a result of this ongoing transformation is an elevation of our awareness or an ecstasy of feeling which accompanies these moments of transformation. When we contemplate G-d as we are doing through these commentaries we experience both an elevation and an expansion of consciousness. The 'earth that was created on the first day' is both the source of our intention and the substance for its expansion. As souls we come into the earth of our bodies for the purpose of transformation. It isn't enough that we make use of these bodies purely concentrating on or living in our Nefesh habehamis. We must seek ways to transform in essence our attention so that we are always transforming this earth we inhabit into the greater glory of G-d.

'It is on high.." What is on high? The sum total of our experiences and the mystical leap of faith are on high. Our thoughts of transformation reside on high for it is here that the connections with holiness are made. What we succeed in making is a holy land within where everything is subject to the transformation of from the lower to the higher. This holy land is called Israel where the unity of heart and mind takes place. How this takes place has to do with what our intention has been focusing on. When we focus on what we truly want we build the core of holiness by reflecting these thoughts to the above with a kind of exalted love called in the Zohar, re'uta delibba - "the heart's desire" Our intention builds from within and is raised from within. What is raised from within is called 'glory' and this glory is the Wisdom sephiroth.

'The wise shall inherit glory.' This is saying that through each generation of thought the end result of continued effort is glory or the experience of holiness in mind. This holiness is the all encompassing flow of connection that is the resultant of the meditation process cojoined with the transformation of the lower nature into the uppper connection with holiness. We inherit this glory as a result of the successive transformations of our lower nature. This glory is the food for the continuing expansion of consciousness.


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