Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shifting Focus

This focus it shifts and then it moves on only to return. Remember that you are centered on a specific idea and then use your concentration to move ahead with this idea. You move ahead by invention. This invention is the result of both inspiration and persistence. Once follows the other like the moon the sun. At a certain point which we can even call the threshhold of focus your thoughts no longer need reminders. They return automatically to your focus because of its growing intensity. This intensity builds throughout the entire process of formation and is the impetus both behind its appearance in form and the sustaining energy that awakens the world view that must now correspond with this focus. Are there side roads you could take? Of course but then you would be deserting for the moment your focus. Is it necessary to think with intention at all times? No. It is however crucial to the growth of the forms of your awareness that you have sufficiently provided both enough emotion and thoughtful meditation to the task at hand. Then when you return to your focus it is there right where you left it ready to continue the process of unfoldment.

Imagine a wavy cloth blowing presenting itself to your vision through many different angles. It is hard to fix upon this image because of its many changes. Now visualize a line going through the center and watch the line as the shape changes. See how the line of course remains in focus now matter where you are looking at it from. Think now about the world you live in and your purpose in it in regards to what you do in your daily affairs. It may appear to you that events shape your life. You are happy one day because this happened to you or you are upset the next day because something else happened to day. Looking at it this way you are at the mercy of the world in which you live becoming merely an actor who plays his or her part without rehearsal hoping for the best but never really being sure when the curtain is going to be rung down.

What if you told yourself that your were the conductor, the director and the actor all at once? What if you said that you also ran the projector in the projecting room and also chose the reels that were going to be played on any given day? After a while you would begin to make more intelligent choices in terms of what was going to be happening in your life. As the conductor you would set the tone for the day by arranging your emotions to be expectant, joyful, grateful and certain of the day's outcome. You would set the time right so that a groove would be established guaranteeing your success. Then throughout the day you would wave your baton keeping time with the vision that you have started out with keeping the band of your state of mind on time and on key no matter what the circumstances have presented you with.

First of all there are no coincidences. Everything that you experience is a result of the way you are either consciously or subconsciously looking for the experience. It is decidedly odd the way this occurs. Because there is usually a huge disconnect between the way you are thinking about something and its appearance in your experience you cannot make any connection other than some vague familiar feelings that are easily dismissed. If however you practice remembering not just your thought but your feelings as well you will surprise yourself with the events that take place somewhat according to your plan for each day. With greater practice you will come closer to seeing your world more the way you would like it to appear. The catch is that you are the both projector, the light in the camera, and the screen upon which it projects. This is all leading in to a comparison of you as the director of this whole shebang, megilla, or as the late Douglas Adams said, 'Life the Universe and Everything.'

As director you must take in the big picture. You do not project your images but rather organize them to arrive at the place of projection in such a way that they support each other in the grand scheme of things. Your direction must not only be artful in a way to bring out the best from those thoughts you've been thinking it must also break new ground as in allowing for those moments of inspiration which move your visions forward as a whole before they are edited at the threshhold and then sent to the projection room.
Your first job as director is to learn how to look through your own eyes. Everything is not always as it appears to be which is why you have to take the initiative in seeing what you would have appear and not accept the status quo.

Intention is what you see and not what you are looking at. The difference is active imagination. There must be action within your imagination to recognize where you are in the moment. When you look out and are not satisfied with where you are then see what you will see and watch how then the moments then begin to reflect what you will have appear in your life.

It is because of this reflection that the light in the projector is able to send forth its rays of creation. In between one moment and the next you transform your relationship in mind from the knower of the vision within to the experiencer of the actions without. Watch how your thoughts flow in patterns throughout your day. See how certain thoughts keep coming back to you and others fade away due to your lack of attention. Experiment in letting go those thoughts you do not want to experience and grooving those thoughts you do want to experience. Everything is a part of a flow of energy. The waves of thought are generated similarly to those that we see on the shores of the oceans of the world. The sun and moon and the position of the earth in relationship to both determine the flow of our oceans. The sun of our understanding and the moon of the reflection of that understanding determine how our thoughts flow into the life experiences generated by those thoughts. Like the tides our thoughts have seasons of development and a low and high ebb. The nature of thought then can be said to be cyclical. If you are able to step back for a moment to watch this cyclical nature of thought you will be afforded an opportunity to participate in both directing its flow on the one hand and removing the debris that impedes its flow on the other hand. The essence of this process is to learn how to promote those thoughts you would like to see represented in your world while eliminating those thoughts that keep you from experiencing that representation.

The following story illustrates how focus can shift and alter the reality that is being perceived.

Semi Eternal Beings

Gladys and Phyllis were semi eternal beings. Semi because neither of them realized their immortality. In addition they were transdimensional beings able to move effortlessly between various versions of reality.
Because of this they had no conception of time. The main reason for this was that their memory only functioned on a short term basis. One day while they were sitting on their sunporch Gladys suddenly arose remarking,

"I must get some cake. Would you like some?" She asked.
"Oh yes that would do nicely," Phyllis answered admiring the strange colored flowers growing along the fence. As Gladys was stepping inside a temporal fugue was passing by disrupting the space time envelope with its mournful tunes. A thousand years later Gladys returned with the cake in her hand.

"What kept you?" Phyllis said crossly as snow was falling all around them.

"Listen do you want the cake or not?" Gladys said.

"Well yes silly. Really what kept you," She asked.

"I must have lost track of time?" Gladys said smiling wistfully.

"Time? What's that?" Phyllis asked raising her eyebrows now beginning to frost over.

"Something I picked up along the way and then well you know how it is," She said her memory already fading.

"What?" Phyllis asked her.

"Oh nothing," Gladys smiled and sat in the rocking chair next to her as spring once again brought renewal to the year.

Anything can happen to you but you can direct what happens by allowing the flow of information to come effortlessly forward to you. As we can see above time cannot be the main factor in our experience.

For those who may wonder why I spend my time contemplating such things here is the kicker. Yesterday I had a five dollar bill left in both wallet pockets and had the passing thought,

'Wouldn't it be cool if fifty dollars suddenly appeared. I could bypass the ATM this way.'

This morning I checked and the five dollars was still there. I did not remember my passing thought at that time. Later when checking my wallet to pay for lunch. Yes you guessed it. Fifty seven extra dollars were there. I still had my five. The extra fifty seven??? (I should have asked for more:-)


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