Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Daat the Bridge

Daat is that mythical place in between the worlds of inspiration and action. It is referred to as Knowledge but it can also readily be thought of as the bridge between the thought and the form. Daat is where the concept matures and then becomes recognizable as a form or the actions leading to the appearance of the form.

The bridge is certainty. It is both the way out of the darkness of doubt and also the way over to the center of unity. This unity contains both ideation and its subsequent corollary the appearance and experience of form. It is very important here to note that our internal focus is the instrument of our certainty. We have to first learn how to change our focus from doubt to certainty. In order to do this we must recognize doubt and then be able to move away from doubt at a moment's notice By definition doubt is when we are having thoughts about anything other than the fulfillment of our heart's desire. It is preferable and even most productive of that heart's desire's fulfillment if we are able to assume a stance of no mind for noticeable instants during the day. In this no mind condition our good or our intended focus easily comes to the foreground. We are then able to achieve the subtle movements in mind that cause the operation of the fulfillments that we are both looking at and then assuming into the body of our experience.

'Yes I can' sets into motion a whole host of things. Thoughts that have been edging in and out at the periphery or status quo of our consciousness suddenly receive the impetus for a determined course to follow. Then as a result these outer thoughts unify with the central core of our heart's desire unifying from within both the internal and external structure so that the flow of thought goes from a series of small streams to a quite considerable body of thought all moving purposefully in the same direction. Once this direction is established for even a few moments it begins to take on more and more of the periphery. This periphery includes the status quo. It is in this way that our life experiences get to change so dramatically from each moment to the next. As this periphery is transformed everything else follows in tandem. As the song says, 'Everything must change.' All we are doing by virtue of directing our consciousness into the desired conduits of our intention is to ride with this change all the while revealing the outflow or demonstration of the arrival at our chosen destination.


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