Tuesday, December 06, 2005

There is only connection

There is only connection. For this means that I have this innate feeling of unity. I can liken this to having thousands of spiritual beings surrounding me at any given moment. Literally armies of angels aiding my cause. What is my cause? It is connection at all times. It is connecting via one door and than moving on to open the next door. These doors are the spiritual entryways into higher and higher states of understanding. Movement in consciousness is similar to movements in light with on major difference. Time is absent in spiritual journeys. When I think of a place no matter where it is located I am instantly transported there. There is no delay. The theory of relativity does not apply here. It is only after you understand this that the instantaneous transformation of consciousness is not only possible but it is inevitable. The corollary to this statement is that as you travel spiritually you are also able to transform the state of your being and indeed the mode of your travel. I cannot move anywhere unless I envision it first. Envisioning is the process of unfolding your spiritual wings and taking flight along the pathways of your heart's desire. Try not to think of this as seeing something you want. See this envisioning as recognizing what you are. It makes a world of different if you proceed in this way.

Thoughts are energy. Energy is either transformed or it decays. Decay is the result of entropy.
We have to be active in placing our thoughts where we want them to be. This process is called aspiration. Where there is nothing we look for more expecting to find more. As we continue on this path we find that here are the openings we've been looking for. It is the ultimate in travel when you recognize that the movements you are making are not confined to the physical body and not confined to the mind. There is something else which may be described however, it may not be named. It is this something else which is activated by connection.


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