Monday, November 07, 2005

Return to Connection

How can I access the connection in such a way as to release the vision of what it is that I most want to see. The connection is by definition an answering response. It is something that you feel beyond words to express. Here is the irony of the situation. Even though it is beyond words to express it is important to express what you feel about it. It appears too that your expression is instrumental in making the connection. Your attitude of presenting who you are to the connection makes all the difference in this answering response. It is not the clever syllogisms of mind that make the connection yet these thought forms do provide a ladder which perhaps falls short of the connection itself. Then in order to make the connection one has to literary plunge oneself into the unknown. In so doing there is momentary confusion and then the unknown becomes known after another fashion and the process continues. After a while what becomes known after repeated efforts is the nature of the connection itself. This comes about because we can only know the connection by reflection. I think about what I want and then I offer up those thoughts to the connection. When I feel the answering response I know that my thoughts have been accepted by the connection and I will soon them them reflected in the world as the outcome of experience. This kind of thought and reflection is called thinking on high. It is one thing to want something and then to envision it and imbue your entire being with its presence.      It is another thing altogether to take this thing you've been making by your imagination and offer this up to the connection always there in waiting. This offering of thought is alluded to in all of the sacred writings. It is not explained in depth mostly because mystical writings tend to move along without a central focus due to the varying degree of connection that is established as the writer is inspired by the his or her upward motion. It is only here and now that Modern Kabbalah is given to explain that which has come directly from the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and is indeed the substance of life and of its promulgation into every living thing.

     The territory is what you are learning to become familiar with. There is a feeling associated with the connection that approximates peace and no mind at the same time. It is ironic that you use mind to reach connection and then let go of mind to experience connection. Your thoughts are made by your intention and then let go into the connection where they are in effect reassembled on high. It is in many ways a kind of transference of consciousness from one state to another. It is a subtle shift. The ideas from the connection build themselves across time and present new avenues for internal inquiry.

Prior to its appearance in form there is an expansion of the possibilities in mind which translates above to a more fluid understanding of the relationship between the above and the below. You have to be able to conceive of thought that transcends itself in mind to become an avenue of connection. It is the same thought only raised or reassembled as I mentioned before in the previous paragraph. The connection that therefore exists is related to each other through resonance. This resonance allows the transference of thought energy and the raising of the intensity of thought energy through protracted focus. What matters most here is the ability to both let go and to focus. See your raised thoughts linked with the above and aspire to and then feel the unity of the connection as you let go into the connection. I have presented this as one way to inspire connection. Are there others? Of course. This is what Modern Kabbalah has been about all along, inspiring the connection. Another way of looking at this is to say that we are learning how to breathe in the connection from moment to moment as it occurs and just as it occurs. In the coming days we will develop more full this concept of connection embellishing it as the connection wills to come forth. Stay tuned.


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