Sunday, November 27, 2005

Questions to be answered

There are always questions to be answered. A life filled with all the answers supplies no reason for growth no impetus for composition. It is in composition that we are called upon to fully extend our awareness and make the connection with that which flows eternally through us. The eternal flowing essence of our identification with being is that which makes up reach for everything that we want. It is behind every desire and and the fulfillment of that desire. It becomes the difference between allowing the status quo to fill our lives with entropy or fill our lives with discovery and constant change. The plant with it attention on the sun differentiates and grows it's leaves and flowers producing seeds to continue the cycle. Each round of knowledge is preceded by a longing to burst through the current covering and have more of the open air of revelation. All life therefore follows this revelation. We cannot know how anything else has their thoughts in operation. Because life itself including the intelligence of the subatomic particles reaches for a higher awareness we can be assured that the unity of life is all around us. Life seeks entrance to your soul your psyche. It wants to flow endlessless through you. Your actions are the flowers of your thinking. There is forever a process of enlightening refinement taking place. Every purpose has as its design the answers that you are seeking.


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