Monday, December 05, 2005

Bahir 97

Listen carefully how the high watch takes place within. Remember to hear this high watch throughout all background noise.

Bahir 97. Rabbi Berachiah sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the verse (Exodus 25:2), "And they shall take for Me a lifted offering (Terumah) "? It means, "Lift Me up with your prayers." And whom? Those whose "hearts make them willing." These are the ones who are willing to draw themselves away from this world. Honour him, for it is in him that I rejoice, since he knows My name. From him it is fitting to take My lifted offering, as it is written (Exodus 25:2), "from each man whose heart makes him willing, you shall take My lifted offering." From he who makes himself willing. Rabbi Rahumai said: [This refers to] the righteous and pious in Israel who raise Me over all the world through their merit. From them the Heart is sustained, and the Heart sustains them.

Commentary: hmwrt Terumah, an offering. Tav Resh vav mem and heh are the letters. The center of this verse is the aspect of prayer. How should we pray and in what attitude shall our prayers be composed of. Consider what you are telling yourself about yourself lately and as a general rule. How do you judge you within. Are you fair or overbearing. Do you give yourself credit each day for the little things you find out or are able to do to help others? Carlos Suares in his book Spectrograms calls Tav... The cosmic tabernacle of Aleph which is Aleph itself acting in its fertile power. Without Tav no-thing would exist, without Aleph there is nothing. In the Sepher Yetzirah Tav is described: ---

"Make Tav king, bind a crown to it, and with it depict the Moon in the Universe, the Sabbath in the Year, and the mouth in the Soul." In this way we know that the start of your offering is to speak from your soul. The Sabbath is the interval which brings into play the primordial substance pregnant with potential. It is pregnant from the Moon symbol of femininity along with the symbol of the Year which is the fruition of that pregnancy. To put this in terms of Modern Kabbalah the first step is to acknowledge our good. Acknowledge that what we aspire to or for is worthy as with Tav the crown is placed. Put forth your deepest awareness of being and connect in the cycles of birth and rebirth culminating with your ultimate realization of Unity.

Resh is spoken of:
"Make Resh king, bind a crown to it, and with it depict Mercury in the Universe, Friday in the Year, and the left nostril in the Soul." ---It is thought (Mercury) which takes in the energy of awareness of Soul. There cannot be an offering without this connection to Soul. This point is stressed by the combination of Tav and Resh to start Terumah.

Vav: "Make Vav king, bind a crown to it, and with it depict Taurus, Iyar in the Year, and the left hand in the Soul." The month of Iyar is called the month of "Ziv" (radiance). Thought is also attributed to this month. The left hand of the Soul is shown by the ox in the four faces from Ezekials vision. Once a determination of thought has been made it may shine forth to illuminate each step that comes after.

Mem: "Make Mem king over water, bind a crown to it, and combine one with another. And with them seal earth in the Universe, the cold in the Year, and the belly in the Soul, the male with MASh, andthe female with ShMA." Now there can be the infusion of opportunity the transformations of form.

Heh: "How does one permute them? Make Heh king, bind a crown in it, and with it depict Aries in the Universe, Nissan in the Year, and the right hand in the Soul." Out of these transformations come the realization of your visions. It is as simple as that:)

Your offering is self contained. When they say above to be taken away from this world it is from the world of permanence where we experience the same old, same old. What you honor or the 'him' you honor is your highest self. It is how and where you receive your 'high watch' and are able to participate in the 'offering.' It is your willingness to let go of the status quo which brings in the new worlds for you to experience. It is your willingness to be kind to yourself in the thoughts that you habitually entertain. It is easy to become hypnotized but it is not freedom that you receive as a result of this. You become caught just like in the movie The Matrix living your programmed lives. The only problem is that you aren't doing the programming but are accepting the world by default. It is the purpose of Modern Kabbalah to show how we are able to participate in our own internal programming and how we are able to reject the status quo that impinges upon us in our daily lives. The verse closes with telling you that the Heart sustains them. Who are they that are sustained? It is you who follow that path of self awareness refusing to accept the mundane and continuing to watch for the wonder of your life in each moment. It is truly your passion that sustains you; your passion for joy and the ability to redirect your lives always to a higher purpose.

This was a complicated discussion. What you can take away with you is the process of studying the Hebrew letters to find their archetypal forms. It's all there in the Sepher Yetzirah which yields its treasures in most remarkable ways. We analyze and then find the relevance of each idea comparing them amongst themselves and with the over all spectrum of Consciousness.

Find that inner voice within and offer it up with all of your heart for connection with the mystery. There you truly will be sustained and find your way smoothed and paved with good every where you turn.


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