Friday, November 18, 2005

Bahir 95

This next verse 95 is one of the most detailed thus far. It takes us into a theoretical construct. We will find that despite its complexity where it leads will be a most remarkable place.

Bahir Verse 95. The Blessed Holy One has a single Tree, and it has twelve diagonal boundaries: The northeast boundary, the southeast boundary; The upper east boundary, the lower east boundary; The southwest boundary, the northwest boundary; The upper west boundary, the lower west boundary; The upper south boundary, the lower south boundary; The upper north boundary, the lower north boundary; They continually spread forever and ever; They are the arms of the world. On the inside of them is the Tree. Paralleling these diagonals there are twelve Functionaries. Inside the Sphere there are also twelve Functionaries. Including the diagonals themselves, this makes a total of 36 Functionaries. Each of these has another. It is thus written (Ecclesiastes 5:7), "For one above another watches." [This makes a total of 72.] It therefore comes out that the east has nine, the west has nine, the north has nine, and the south has nine. These are twelve, twelve, twelve, and they are the Functionaries in the Axis, the Sphere, and the Heart. Their total is 36. The power of each of these 36 is in every other one. Even though there are twelve in each of the three, they are all attached to each other. Therefore, all 36 Powers are in the first one, which is the Axis. And if you seek them in the Sphere, you will find the very same ones. And if you seek them in the Heart, you will again find the very same ones. Each one therefore has 36. All of them do not have more than 36 forms. All of them complete the Heart [which has a numerical value of 32]. Four are then left over. Add 32 to 32 and the sum is 64. These are the 64 Forms. How do we know that 32 must be added to 32? Because it is written (Ecclesiastes 5:7) , "For one above another watches, [and there are higher ones above them]." We thus have 64, eight less than the 72 names of the Blessed Holy One. These are alluded to in the verse, "there are higher ones above them," and they are the seven days of the week. But one is still missing. This is referred to in the next verse (Ecclesiastes 5:8), "The advantage of the land in everything is the King." What is this "advantage"? This is the place from which the earth was graven. It is an advantage over what existed previously. And what is this advantage? Everything in the world that people see is taken from its radiance. Then it is an advantage.

Commentary: The Cube of Space is being referenced here. See this website for a detailed analysis:
The entire purpose in studying the Cube is to stop the mind from wandering. Focused thought is what we are trying to learn. Ironically the reason we learn to focus thought is so that we can let go of thought and join with the all encompassing radiance as expressed above. An arrangement and a hierarchy is suggest in verse 95 where thought exists in realms. The inner nature of thought mirrors what we come across no matter in what direction we may turn. This inner nature is connection with the whole or all encompassing radiance. Yes it is that which we cannot see but we can strive towards and in moments of highest awareness let go into and experience the unity of its outward shining rays. A contemplation of this cube of space brings into question where we are standing at any given moment of time. What is our relationship to our world around us? How about the relationship of the spiritual to the physical or emotional states of being. All of this is called into awareness by the Cube of Space. A paradigm of life choices emerges.
     Ordinarily we do not seek inner wisdom. We are generally moved to do so by circumstances which guide us in this direction. The Cube of Space offers a map of consciousness; a way to look at ourselves from a number of related vantage points. The verse quoted above (Ecclesiastes 5:8), "The advantage of the land in everything is the King," tells us that the perspective of rulership or dominion over the land is where the land gets its wealth from. Look on your land or the destiny that awaits you with an eye towards this rulership and an intention to situate yourself at the prime location within which is where the radiance beams out its life giving rays.


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