Monday, November 14, 2005

Look to where there is nothing

Out of nothing there is something. Look to where there is nothing and not where there is something. Look up high to the Infinite Beyond and not to the already existing reality. When you are seeking
change don't seek the focus of the everyday world you live in. Your vision is at its best when you are in a state of always becoming. See into the heights and set your eyes upon that which you are to
behold. You are always becoming therefore become that which you already are in perpetuity. Feel the awakening self respond to this vision by changing its internal focus and letting go into the new
focus that is becoming. Expand your soul by stretching out your inner arms to embrace the unfolding unknown. Fly to this place before the arrow hits its mark. Anticipate and then expect to anticipate some more. Reflect but briefly into the new day. Allow your expansion to return ever to the vistas that suddenly are coming into view. Constantly check in with your vision to feel where you are.

Rise up in response to go further than you have ever been before. Manifestation is occuring all the time and does so through the unfolding vision. Take advantage of Infinity and move your local energy focus to bring in more energy and to provide the substance for the transmission of thought. As you are experimenting in this fashion you will find a central core of transcendence.

It is the direction that you take which determines the speed of the transmission and the lasting impact of your thought impressions. At times you may want to move in for a closer look. In this way you may
shift the subtle details about in your favor. Then again in the blink of an eye travel to a far corner of the universe to retrieve a specialized thought form for your focus. Once here disseminate the view until understanding or the flow of energy in motion begins its journey through you. Recognize the signs and react by going with the flow of the energy. Here in effect you are surfing on the waves of imbuement.

At this point there is no ending, but there are countless beginnings. See doors opening in an endless succession of light. This light is what is revealed by your focus. Once revealed move
on. Avoid decay.

Let your focus now move out from the center in a wide sweeping arc. Avoid the distractions of making and let things come to be. Channel them through the awakened awareness. Enjoy the certainty of knowing that what you seek is already there. You open all the doors to this awakening by your seeking. Seeking is not looking at what is there in front of your eyes. It is looking within the minds eye and seeing that which is becoming. Rejoice for your seeking is the reaching of the highest. It isn't something that you can put in your pocket but it is something that you may readily return to in each moment. The more you return the more sure footed your steps become and therefore you experience the certainty of this inner knowing. These descriptions that are given herein are signposts; ways to point you in the right direction. What you do when you know you are there is up to you. Let the possibilities themselves begin to make sense to you and provide you with a place to reside in. Once there the peaceful transition will take place as in from then till now and from here to there. It is an instant. Watch and be ready and then go.

The floor was moving as he walked up the stairs. It was an odd sensation. The gravity on Tri II fluctuated due to it's position between the three suns, Fe-Ti, Cho-No, and Ars-Arealea. He shook off
the momentary vertigo and continued up the three flights to the place where Mind met the expanding universe. He was the only one there at this time of in between day going towards night midday as it was called on Tri II. The door was opened partly. It always was. In front of him stretched the sky. He shook off the feeling that he would drop and stepped out on to one of the many arcing gravity chambers which criss-crossed the sky. He moved quickly like a cat darting to the middle of a cloud where he suddenly did drop very slowly into an alcove where all becoming was taking place. All was stillness and then suddenly everything brightened past the point of seeing. His soul was transported and he found himself right there in the middle of the experience of his heart's desire. Words would not describe his feelings as he beheld the fullness of his vision. Yes he said to himself. This is very good.


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