Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bahir Verse 96

Inflected forms: pl. en·tel·e·chies
1. In the philosophy of Aristotle, the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realized; actuality.

2. In some philosophical systems, a vital force that directs an organism toward self-fulfillment.

And so we begin the next Bahir verse 96. The preceding verse 95 was the equivalent of a cosmic portal through which all of us may travel. It leads in all dimensions to openings which have been suggested all along by this Bahir. These openings are the many mansions that we conceive of in our connection with the archetypes of Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters and their astounding meaningful forms. This interesting word defined above about says it for what is our driving force.

Bahir 96. What is the earth from which the heavens were graven? It is the Throne of the Blessed Holy One. It is the Precious Stone and the Sea of Wisdom. This parallels the blue in the Tzitzit. Rabbi Meir thus said: Why is blue chosen above all other colours [for the Tzitzit]? Because the blue resembles the sea, the sea resembles the sky,l and the sky resembles the Throne of Glory. It is thus written (Exodus 24:10), "They saw the God of Israel, and under His feet was like a pavement of sapphire, like the essence of heaven in clarity." It is furthermore written (Ezekiel 1:26) , "As the likeness of a sapphire stone was the appearance of a Throne."

Commentary: The heavens may only be graven or grooved with our thoughts and of themselves they are what literally makes up the heavens. The earth forms its reflections from these thoughts in the mind of the mystery through the agency of the 'Throne of the Blessed One.' This is the place where thought and its inspirations are in stasis ruling over all as in sitting on a throne. Initially there is an influx of energy which continue until it awakens thought, the shaping power of consciousness which then sits in potentiality of becoming. There is the knowledge of this becoming called the 'Precious Stone' and the Sea of Wisdom' that accompanies or surrounds this Precious Stone. The throne is where our thoughts are at rest and then from there look out upon all of potentiality to become that which resides within. The blue in the garment of the tzitzit, the blue in the sky, all point to the throne of glory. The glory is the knowledge of the unfoldment of creation. The realms of perfection of this process are drawn out for us in the imagery of the sapphire and the pavement of sapphire which is to say that this above here where the stone of glory resides reproduces itself perfectly when it is seen from the earthly or existential level of manifestation. Further the likeness of the stone and the appearance of sapphire refer to the two states of being that we are constantly in flux with. The potential and the actual. This brings us back to our word of the day Entelechy where we are shown the actuality of our becoming. The clear meaning then is that our thoughts now residing in heaven reveal themselves in perfection through the experiences we live out in our lives. Reach to heaven and promote those thoughts that are highest to reveal your life and then experiences will follow suit in perfection.


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