Friday, October 28, 2005

Imagining the Field

Imagine the field to be your mind and all of its thoughts both conscious and more importantly unconscious. This field may be open like a meadow which stretches into the distance until it bounds on a stream running through its center. It may be a thickly wooded forest dimly lit from above with hidden pathways leading to even darker places or a series of awesome canyons with wide open spaces yawning to the depths below. This field can be anything depending upon how we attend to it and also how we mend it when something appears to be wrong with it.

The basis of Modern Kabbalah is the alchemy of the mind known by itself and through itself. One of the most startling realizations one can ever have is to see that the field and the knower of the field are one in the same. Such an insight is life changing and empowering all rolled into one.

By our lack of proper attention the field becomes cluttered, littered with weeds, rocks and veils of illusion. The task we have from moment to moment is to clean up the field and restore it to its pristine natural condition. This pristine natural condition is synomous with your heart's desire. This heart's desire is where you see yourself in the ideal situation you would have for yourself. It is your vision for the field which may appear in the moment to be less than what you would want it to be.

In order to be a steward to the field you have to transcend the negative influences that appear to be there. In a sense you need to rise above it in order to see it in its entirety. Only then will you be able to have the vision necessary to see the field once more in its whole state.

There are false imposed connections that keep you from doing this. They are your own thoughts deeply ingrained in you by your negative experiences. In order to remove the chains that these false connections represent you must find the voice of truth within that can begin to heal you and shape your life in the manner in which your highest vision has indicated. Since most of these connections are unconscious it is important to know the manner of making affirmations which reach this subconscious level.

Make for yourself the temple within. It doesn't have to be like any temple you've seen or heard of. It only must be something that your vision is connected to. It is a spiritual place of expanding influences that in time affects the whole field. Traditional Kabbalistic texts allude to these spiritual places in writings by Abraham Abulafia, Issac Luria and others however, there is no direct connection to the field such as we are making here. Without the knowledge of the field which is a sanskrit term referring to Mind as a completely unified whole there can be no connections between the past and the future which allow us ironically to live totally in the now. Modern Kabbalah offers a way of thinking that integrates Eastern and Western philosophy and then adds that something else. The way of connection that may be called upon confidently in any situation.

When you feel your emotions becoming upset it is only because you are not sitting in your best position to recognize the totality of a situation. Remember to rise above to connect with the Knower of the Field. The Knower of the Field is Mind's way of Unity. You connect with the Knower of the Field by letting go of your mundane thoughts.

The best way to know what is mundane is to listen to your thoughts. There is one easy test to reveal what is going on inside of you. It will reveal the state of the field and your relationship to it.
Listen. Are your thoughts repeating themselves? Is there a song perhaps that you cannot get out of your mind? Are your emotions repeating themselves? Do you feel anxious for no apparent reason sometimes? If you are having problems all of these events may take place. Number one is to recognize the status of your thinking. Then you can break out of this mundane secondary pattern of awareness and raise yourself to the level of the Knower of the Field. Here is how.

Begin with affirmations that you can say to yourself. Have a conversation within that counters the repetition that you are hearing. Keep on with this conversation until the repetitions stop. Tell yourself that everything is okay and find reasons to believe this. Make them up at first but keep going along this train of thinking. What you are doing is interrupting the internal dialogue as Carlos Castaneda would call it or you are practicing something called Neuro Linguistic Programming, which Tony Roberts speaks about in his lectures of empowerment. Keep actively speaking to yourself in positive ways to burst through your patterns. Then a little while later when the sunshine begins to come up over your field you will rejoice and know that the Knower of the Field has now come into the Field and is residing there in peace.

This isn't a one time meditation you are to practice. This is the life of living your heart's desire. It is a life of connecting with and then becoming the Knower of the Field. By becoming Knower of the Field each day you will assure yourself of happiness. Persist in this gentle knowing. Just become the Knower of the Field in your own way to become that which you are seeking. In this way in timeless opportunities will you then possess the keys to Kingdom of Heaven. They were within you all along only waiting for your purposeful touch.

Neither the Zohar or the Bahir or Torah directly teaches about the Knower of the Field and the Field but because all Mind is connected we are able to infer from these texts and those of the Upanishads and Patanjali all that has been presented here today. While New Year's day in Judaism was a few weeks ago, today we can say that we have truly begun the New Year. The special forces which allow this kind of knowledge to be delivered are surprisingly here today. It is an unexpected boon you could say they we are taking advantage of.

The purpose of Modern Kabbalah is to share these insights the moment they come in. You never where something this incredible may lead to especially when you take this and run with it. Everyone is capable of this understanding which allows you to recognize the Field and the Knower of the Field. It is hard wired into our beings and represents truly the substrata of our existence.

In ancient times you'll find a phrase called 'the quickening of thought.' It is this quickening which revolves around every mystical or magical operation. This quickening may only be brought about when we are one with the Knower of the Field. Quickening also refers to the state of Mind that occurs when our repetitive thoughts are transcended and the higher mind is accessed. The literal rate of the vibration of your thinking is thereby increased. As this occurs there is no past or future. A phenomena is experienced much like the moments that are captured when playing or listening to music. It is in the moment that you experience the joy of the music. When playing music this happens just as you are inside of the notes that you are experiencing. If you were to stop to think about what came before or afterwards you would lose the thread and perhaps make a mistake taking you away from the moment of joy that happens as you are playing or even listening to the music. An inexperienced musician will make a mistake if he does not let go in his playing and allow the music to play him. In the same way we become the Knower of the Field by allowing ourselves to become the Field and then we truly know what is beyond words or worlds to describe, the inner happiness of complete perfection.


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