Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mastering the Mystery

The Mystery is Mind. Mind cannot be controlled but it can be mastered.

Control brings to Mind the ego which causes whirlpools of doubt. Learn to watch your thoughts to recognize these circles of doubt. You can interrupt these circles of doubt by keeping what Modern Kabbalah calls the High Watch. The High Watch is invoked everytime you reach up for a higher awareness. Read the Zohar, the Bahir, contemplate the Torah, think about your heart's desire. This removes the reign of doubt because your focus has been removed. In a sense you train yourself to no longer hear the lower voices of legion. This is all you have to do in order to remove yourself from the influence of lower thoughts.

Thoughts move in waves of cascading awareness. The more you become aware of what you are thinking the greater your degree of mastery. You become therefore more proficient in changing your mind by knowing how your Mind operates. When you know how it operates you can recognize when it is not operating in your highest interests. It then becomes paramount to you to focus your attention correctly everytime you remember this.

Memory is the Mind's greatest learning tool. Memory provides the template for every transcended emotion. You rise in thought by remembering how it feels to rise in thought. Then thought follows suit and provides you with an affirmation of itself.

The waves of thought may be surfed upon using a calm steady focus. As thought changes your focus also changes subtly. Go with the flow of higher thought by seeing the patterns of awareness you've been focusing upon in your meditations and in your inspirations. You promote these higher thoughts by adding to them through repetition, innovation and then ultimately raising them to the next level of thought.

Turn your attention and feel the presence of the Mystery guiding forward.

Each way you turn another facet comes into view. Maintain your focus throughout and become that which you are seeking. Act as though it is already there. Then in the next moment you'll be there and know what it is to become the Mystery.


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