Friday, October 21, 2005

Bahir 92

Next we find an expression of infinite connection. Let's see what the commentary for this is.

Bahir 92. He also said: What is the reason that we place blue wool in the Tzitzit ? And why are there 32 [threads]? What is this like? A king had a beautiful garden, and in it were 32 paths. He placed a watchman over them to show that all these paths belong to him alone. [The king] said to him, "Watch them, and walk upon them every day. As long as you walk these paths, you will have peace." What did the watchman do? He appointed other watchmen [as his assistants to watch] over them. He said, "If I remain alone on these paths, it is impossible for me, a single watchman, to maintain them all. Besides that, people may say that I am the king." The watchman therefore placed his assistants over all the paths. These are the 32 paths.

Commentary: The key to this verse is the deeper understanding of the pathways which mind follows to reach its central awareness. We're going to work this one from the outside in. That which takes place comes from our internal awareness; how we feel each day. When we react to outside forces we have no control of our feelings. When we allow our inner nature to expand as the watchman above expands his awareness through the agency of appointing other watchmen, we increase the unity of being which we feel. The King as always is our higher mind. See this as Keter on the Tree of Life and reference the 32 Paths that connect each Sephiroth together.
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