Thursday, October 20, 2005

Positive Direction

Choice. There is creativity in choice. You access the right way by allowing yourself the option to choose the right way. Prepare therefore the ground you walk on each day. Prepare your mind to be open to receive your highest thoughts. You are special and what you are seeking is special. You are seeking your good. It's time you find and enjoy your good. Let this moment be the moment of your good.

Expect your good to appear before you in this moment. Do not say where is my good. Groove the expression, 'here is my good.'

Your good speaks to you in a very specific way. The anticipation you feel from time to time is the anticipation of your good. Be careful not to misread the signs of your good otherwise you will miss it when it is there right in front of you.

Sometimes roads lead to dead ends. Your good is not like these roads. Your good is like a road that is simply called by another name as when Main Street leads you on to the Interstate at the end of town. Your good may change its name but it will never end.

Find yourself sitting squarely in the center of your good. Then from there every journey will be a part of your good; both the journey and your final destination will be manifesting your good.


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