Friday, October 14, 2005

Bahir 90

Look now the source of thought is revealed. Carefully digest this information.

Bahir 90. What is the reason that it is called Zarka? It is written (Ezekiel 3:12), "Blessed is the glory of God from His place." This indicates that no being knows His place. We recite [God's] name of the Crown, and it goes to the head of the Owner. It is thus written [regarding God] (Genesis 14:19), "Owner of heaven and earth." When it goes, it is like it is thrown (Zarka) . Following it is treasure (Segulah). It is at the head of all letters.

Commentary: Again the no thought is pointed out, "no being know His Place." The Crown is the highest thought from the Head of the Owner or Nameless One. When thought is released therein do we find the treasure, Joy. Therefore is Joy at the Head of all the letters.


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