Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bahir Verse 74

Note: In the last posting on the Bahir it was titled Bahir 69-72 when it should have been Bahir 69-73 as verse 73 was also explained in this post. Therefore we will continue with Bahir verse 74.

Verse 74 adds some more meaningful insights into our interpretations. The trick to all of these verses is to read them as a whole and as related to the rest of the body of work. We shall see this format explained further as the Commentary describes below.

Bahir Verse 74. And it is written (Psalm 18:12), "He made darkness His hiding place round about, His Succah the darkness of waters , thick clouds of the skies (Shechakim) ." He said: Regarding this it is written (Isaiah 45:8), "The skies (Shechakim) pour down righteousness." This righteousness (Tzadik) is the Attribute of Judgement for the world. It is thus written (Deuteronomy 16:20), "Righteousness, righteousness shall you pursue." Immediately after this, it is written, "that you may live and occupy the land." If you judge yourself, then you will live. If not, then it will judge you, and it will be fulfilled, even against your will.

Commentary: First we will take the various parts. The darkness is the place of Mystery. Yes it is the darkness of waters. Waters are flowing so that we need only lift the clouds from above to reveal their purpose. Out of these thick clouds pour down righteousness. It is the righteousness of Judgement which by other words may be termed Karma. And then the last part, 'if you judge yourself then you will live. If not, it will judge you, and it will be fulfilled , even against your will.'
The question is what is it that judges you and how can it be that you will judge yourself? These are the parts herein described. Now the whole.

Our thoughts reside in darkness because we think them and then seemingly forget them. Yet are they still there pregnant as the waters are teeming with life. When our thoughts are good they bring forth the righteousness that is to be poured down. The attribute of judgement can only come about by what we think about ourselves. This is the answer to who is judging us. We are judged by our own reflection. This isn't magic, it is law. It is the way things work. If you are conscious of your thinking then you will strive to maintain thoughts that are uplifting and creative in design. You will think of your hearts desire and hold this close to you in mind. If you do not pay attention to your thinking and haphazardly allow yourself to dwell upon negativity then what you are building up inside of those dark cloud is a sea of Judgement which falls harshly upon you even though you would never have chosen this Judgement for yourself were you conscious of what you were doing while you were thinking. This is what it means by, 'even against your will' in Verse 74 above. This verse is telling you what to expect from conscious awareness and what to expect from unconscious action or reaction. Make your good so that you will see it stored in the heaven of your mind pouring down to you in times you know not to fill your life with joy and abundance. Seed the skies with gladness. Rejoice for your joy fills the heavens with the seeds of your own continuous awakening.


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