Monday, August 08, 2005

A Sense of Direction

Just because things are a certain way doesn't mean that they have to stay that way.

Prepare the spirit winds of time to become your ally and change the world in which you are living into the image of your own best reflection. Every preparation that you make in terms of your spiritual studies is an aspect of learning how to focus your attention. Your attention determines where in time and space you are going to be. Most spiritual disciplines will tell you that your greatest point of power is in this now that comes to you in this moment. There is something you must know however, about this now. This now always contains every bit of your future so that your meaningful attention 'Now' carries with it your prayers and designs for the future.

A note about the spirit winds: These are the forces of attention that you wield sometimes unconsciously and hopefully increasingly with an attentuated awareness. The spirit winds blow from one end of your ambient world to the next. They contain your thoughts, hopes and dreams. The direction in which they blow is determined by your feelings and your certainty of your objective. They are invisible forces linking your mind to the matrix of your realized manifestations. Like the wind in the world they touch everything with their caress, sometimes lightly and sometimes with a wild rush of energy flowing into and over all of your perceptual awareness making ideas into realized forms. These spirit winds grow into full consciousness creating within their purpose complete worlds of being. What is especially important for us to know is that the spirit winds are in operation unceasingly.

Get to know well the place where you want to be. Then the spirit winds will be drawn here to image into existence this place with you at its center. At a certain point you will then be called to this center in ways that are unimaginable now but seem perfectly reasonable when they occur in the course of every day.

The Kabbalist knows the thought and its direction and then allows the spirit winds to do their part in the outworking of the plan. This part about allowing is critical to a successful entrance into realized form. If you keep directing one way and then direct in another contrary way, the spirit winds swirl spinning away their energy in currents that are contradictory. Your focus may change. This is natural. However the direction must always be consistent to keep the impetus flowing of your realized thoughts. It is in this case revelation that adds the necessary forward motion to roll the vortices of energy onward to their intended destination.

When the spirit winds reach their intended destination complementary cycles of forces are established. These complementary cycles of energy act upon the 'no-thing' to rearrange our perception and to provide a constant beacon as to their location from afar. With the constant pulsing of this beacon we are able to find our way into the world of our heart's desire because the constant pulsing matches exactly the beating of this heart's desire. The signature and it's sending forth are one.

If someone told you that you were going to take a trip to Spain, you would look on a map, chart a course, make travel arrangements, pack and then depart. Spain is there you say to yourself as you are travelling. You are most certain of this. Similarly you may act when you are going off to become your heart's desire. You envision it's location and see the boundaries of it's form. You engage in revelation to fuel your desire and chart your course. The result you have is a clear picture of what you want. There is your certainty. Like Spain now you have a definite place to travel to. You buy your ticket by listening to and activating the spirit winds. You travel by allowing yourself to be led by these subtle yet powerful forces. You arrive with your certainty overflowing in the place that you have always known to be, that of your heart's desire.

If there is one thing that I would mention to aspiring Kabbalists who seek to understand this ancient art it is that it isn't enough to study and be connected. A Kabbalist must have a direction, a place to prove his or her self. This proof amounts to the developing certainty of connection which goes hand in hand with all study of Torah. In order to read between the lines you have to have a sense of where you are going at all times. Likewise in your life you must establish a definite direction and have the sense of knowing that the place you are travelling to is already there. This kind of objective and the work you take to get there are sometimes known as the 'building of the temple' within.

I am offering these insights now by way of stopping along the way and checking our map to make sure that we are following the course of our heart's desire. I choose to follow my heart's desire and by way of these writings hope to inspire you to do the same. The purpose or direction of everything that I find out about Torah, or Bahir, or Thought Into Form is to increase the signposts along the way to our heart's desire. I have the intention of lighting up this path every chance I get.

Imagine now that in some inexplicable way we are all travelling together and that our purpose is in realizing our heart's desire. Through sharing the light we can make it easier for others who come along this same path. We do this because in effect this is how all of us have come here since the beginning. There has always been a sharing of the light because as we have come to know this is the entire purpose of creation, to share the light and continue shine it where there is darkness.

In spite of our fears and doubts all that darkness really is can be decribed as that which is waiting for the light to reveal itself. We can see that in ourselves as well. What we don't know is simply placed there so that we can know and through this knowing share what we know increasing the light and opening more and more of the darkness that we come upon.

  • Know that something is happening. The energy of expectation cannot be overstated. It is with a growing sense of excitement that you will realize your heart's desire. Continue in this kind of feeling throughout the variations which occur within your thinking feeling process.

    Accept these feelings-thoughts. Breathe them in deeply. Go past all obstacles both real and imagined.
    Practice saying 'yes I accept this in both my vision and my experience.'

    Relax now. Close your eyes briefly. Imagine your thoughts are being turned inside out. Feel the growing excitement and know that it is coming from your realized objective whatever that may be. When you are in this state of mind any spiritual readings you may undertake will all add to your certainty because they will affirm feelings of anticipation.

    These constructs of your imagination only remain so as long as you withhold your feelings from them. Once your feelings of expectation are brought into being then you are in effect calling upon the spirit winds to carry your voice into the regions of the great unknown lighting and providing a mold for the incoming formation of being as thought form.

    A final step is to increase your emotion, to raise it to the capacity of joy, to stand in the moment of expectation and feel the dance of your joy spinning around the thought form as it coalesces now into the images of your reflection. You see this is no small thing you have wrought. All of this too has been because you've allowed yourself to become a channel for the creation that is already everywhere all around you. You see or experience then what you are according to how much you see. In this case it is how much you feel what you have envisioned as your template for the spontaneous appearance of being.

    In review. You become what you have envisioned by feeling it deeply.


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