Thursday, August 18, 2005

Today I awaken to more than myself

You have something which you want more than anything. It is something which only you can get excited about and it is something that drives your life from day to day. It is such a driving purpose that it has never left your side in the midst of all kinds of other life situations. Seek this purpose or reaffirm now here in this day. I say this about myself yet I share this with you because I know that each of us is similarly motivated. Some realize their purpose and go for it. Others seek their purpose and then find it and go for it. It is movement and this in itself comprises the impetus for all spiritual growth.

First there is a dissatisfaction with the status quo. Then an awareness grows that the world isn't what it appears to be and that all of our markers for self expression are indeed of primary importance in our world. You learn to motivate yourself by what you are thinking and to deprogram yourself from the outside influences which do not have your best interests at their central focal point. Wherever you are in your search for self awareness, in your awakening, you can know without a doubt that your movement itself in the direction of who you really are is good. It is good because nature awakens within you as you awaken to nature. These mutual awakenings are always about growth without and without.

Expansions of the soul produce expansions in the mind stuff which brings forth all that your heart desires. Today I recognize this in the wonders all around me. Today I am more than myself because I am growing to be all that is. I am growing to be the totality in my awareness and in my awakening. I welcome all that comes into my view for my good. I welcome it with open arms and a clear mind. Yes today it is very good. I declare it so and so it is.


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