Monday, August 29, 2005

Making good things happen

I am focused in the awareness of the process of making good things happen in what I see, do and experience. This process comes about as a result of my desire building itself into my determination.

Determination is the steady progress that we make in extending out awarenss into those areas that are becoming real in the moment each day. The reality of these moments are that various expressions in form are acting as the witnesses to the unfolding of this process of making good things happen. It is therefore by the imagining of form that we become aware of form and then surrounded by the forms of our awareness.

We induce the qualities of awareness that we seek to find in the expression of that awareness. Thought is the result of a current in mind that takes us from the known to the unknown. In this unknown spark of recognition that takes place there is a transformation in the actual substance of our mind stuff. In this way we cause the unknown to become known in the forms of our awareness and then in the substance of our experience.

When we send positive affirmations filled with emotion along the polar pathways of mind we are setting up the corresponding answer. These are waves of energy returning to their maker filled now with transformed substance. In each view we see improvements to the forms of our imagination. This is offered to you by way of encouragement. Many times we are on the road to success when we for one reason or another give up because of negativity encountered along the way. Persistent effort therefore becomes a way of life. Keep sending the ripples of your good along through to the primordial lake which responds in kind by sending the waves of return in the forms white water you witness as the tides of your demonstration along the shores of your imagination.


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