Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bahir 67

This next verse is thick with meanings and filled with places to get lost in. We will however keep to our purpose and derive the gold hidden herein through the methods of Modern Kabbalah.

Bahir Verse 67. What is the meaning of (Leviticus 26:28), “[I will chastise you, also I], seven for yoursins”? The Congregation of Israel said: “I will chastise you, also I” – and also those regarding
which it is written (Psalm 119:164), “Seven each day I praised You.”
They joined her and replied: Also us seven. Even though among us is the one who reverses
itself, the one who oversees good and merit, we too will reverse ourselves and chastise.
Why? Because of your sins.
But if you return to Me, then I will return to you. It is thus written (Malachi 3:7), “Return to
Me, and I will return to you.”
The scripture does not say, “I will bring you back to Me.” Instead it says, “I will return to
you” – with you. We will all seek mercy from the King.
What does the King say? [He says] (Jeremiah 3:22), “Return you backsliding children, I will
heal your backslidings.” [He also says] (Ezekiel 18:30), “Return and bring back.”
What is the meaning of the verse, “Return and bring back”? Come back and ask those Seven
to return with you. The scripture therefore says, “and bring back “ – those regarding which it
is written, “seven for your sin.”

Commentary: There are four parts to this verse. Three basic avenues with a fourth avenue which intersects and ties all three together. Watch how this is done.

The first part concerns chastise, seven and sins. We are being reminded of the seven sephiroth below the divine triad of keter, chokmah and binah. The world of form is indicated. The sins which take place do so because we need to operate in the world of causation and not expect the world of form to tranmit the higher ideas we are inspired by in the world of causation. Now how do we turn around our sins seven times revealed by these seven sephiroth. We reverse the direction and move up then seven until we find ourselves immersed in the divine triad. Then it is causation we are coming from and all sins are thereby forgiven.

The second part is about return and the seeking of mercy, and this is explained in terms of the essence of what is returns to its source. Of course every manifestation must express itself but that expression is not the totality of the thing itself but is merely a reflection.

The third part is about bringing back. It really means remembering the one. It means remembering the source and that causation is where we operate from on high.

The fourth part which ties in the other three bring back the seven. It is a direct returning up the tree of life to the central portion that is given to us throughout all of our wanderings. We have a place to go to where our errors, sins are healed and we can then start anew.

It is the flow of energy which is being described as well as its ability to change direction. Don't be put off by words like sin, or chastise, or even backslidings. Step outside the world of guilt association and into the realm of ideas where thoughts are the currency of choice. Everything here refers to the quality and direction of your thinking. You are building up or you are tearing down. However you remain linked to and one with all of creation.


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