Friday, August 05, 2005

Perception: The Enchanted View

The way I am thinking is that it must go or proceed from what I believe to be true. It is always my perception that I have in front of me. I cannot help this because my eyes go wherever I go. My eyes have been conditioned throughout the years by experience. This causes expectation to go before it due to the preconceived notion that things are going to be for the most part how they have always been. There comes a time however, when you are able to lift these preconceived expectations from their hold on your sensory apparatus. You are then able to change the view that you see which accordingly changes the experiences you encounter. Then you may in your enhanced view look through the eyes of your continual awakening. The views that you are now able to see are enchanted views. These enchantments act magically to superimpose the images you have as your hearts desire. In order to release these images fully you have to let go of your eyes. You have to let go of the way you see in the present in order to experience the awakened vision. This doesn't mean that you close your eyes to the world you presently see. It means that you will now be able to interchange the lenses of your perception. You are then able to exchange one view for another. In spiritual terms what you see therefore becomes what you get.

Place what you want to see before you. Give it enough distance so that you may have the proper perspective. The proper perspective refers primarily to the emotional distance you are trying to maintain. Then it becomes a matter of sending all of your thoughts in one direction. Even your casual thoughts may be of service to you for what you are doing is strengthening the inner connections which make all things be what they are. When you therefore act with awareness it follows that your actions too will become self aware. The way in which you will see the results then becomes a reflection of the current of active manifestation. In this way not only will you get to go and experience everything that you have set your heart's desire upon, you will also groove the way making it easier to repeat your enchantments on the next series of visions you set your mind upon.

When you therefore follow up your enchantment and ask what are the results that are showing forth, you set up the openings for the in flowing of your manifestation.

Follow through. Act as though it is already done. Be open to every bit of new information which comes your way. Inspirations and the like act as catalysts for the ongoing unfoldment of your heart's desire.


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Blogger Mark said...

Reality shifts and flows and then is something changed forever. Each moment appearing as if by whimsy. By direction however the knower of the field finds himself in the middle of a land of enchantment where every thought produces light infused purposeful form.

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