Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Mind's Eye

What is it that you see in the Mind's Eye. Where has your focus been centered on? Is it centered or does it flit around like a firefly to the various lights it sees on a summer night.

The Mind's Eye is a special place built upon the images you hold most dear. Here is where you'll find what I've been calling your heart's desire. The things you want most are those things that need to be the center of your focus. Take inventory of your precious within. Make sure you haven't switched to autopilot and are grooving negativity either from your past or from some media impetus you've been hook by during the day.

Energize and emotionalize the images of your choice and see them in the Mind's Eye. Do not let them depart your awareness but rather keep them with you. Let your images of your heart's desire act as the backdrop of your awareness. This involves a subtle shift in emphasis. It makes the unseen draw itself into the seen.

How does this relate to Modern Kabbalah? Consider that thought without intention is chaos. When you meditate you provide the intention to focus on your heart's desire. A Kabbalist learns how to direct his intention and thereby his or her focus on to the things that are most important. Important is defined by your heart's desire. Do not forget this because you are in fact driving the focus of your heart's desire every time you build up the images within your Mind's Eye.

The study of Torah, Mishnah, Bahir, Zohar or any sacred writings is for one purpose alone. It is to teach you how to think. The obscure nature of sacred writings forces you to look beneath the surface for answers that show the light. By this process then you become well versed in digging for the light. Repeated success in uncovering inspiration leads to even greater success in consideration of your heart's desire. You learn that an idea only represents a starting point for your awareness to beckon within. That is why persistent attention to the images in your Mind's Eye brings about the manifestation of those considered images. This is the way things in essence work. Kabbalah teaches you how to think. Modern Kabbalah teaches you that you have a choice in terms of what you can think about. That choice must have your attention and forms the basis of your intention in terms of forever opening up the images of your Mind's Eye.

Today's see yourself inside of these images of the Mind's Eye and stand with wonder at the manifestation of your heart's desire.


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