Friday, August 12, 2005

Moving into the perfect moment

My thoughts that I have chosen are the highest. They rule completely. Their influence directly impacts my life. They are the impetus behind every form I would see appear. These higher thoughts, there isn't anything else like them. They persist and grow more magnificent each day. Every chance I get let me remember them and derive comfort from them. Let me live among them and experience my very state of being from them. No other thoughts can replace them. No other vibrations or meanings can supplant their supreme reign over all of my consciousness. Because of this I have complete confidence in my higher thoughts. I activate now within the awareness of their omnipotence their inexorable passing into form. What they promise I become. I reach up and thereby vibrate to their energy and through these vibratory influences the keys are provided for opening the gates. I am ruled by these higher realms of being feeling the forces of activation now taking place all around me. They are calm these forces and yet the raw power in them knows of force that may come in their way. Everything is thought of so that there is a total becoming of that which is into that which becomes and is. In this way do I make the connection between earth and sky, Form and thought, the below and the above channeling the energy flows in complex permutations entering change upon change until the desired meanings are brought forth.

Today. Right now. Here in this moment I call upon these higher thoughts, forces, energies, vibrations, nexus of ideations to bring forth that which I am thinking of. Surround my vision clear with purposeful representation, indeed the actual realized forms themselves, which I have connected with in every part of my being. I look because I have already seen what is above to appear below. I let go of all unsuccessful earlier attempts. They are no longer a part of my mix nor will any vibrations of limiting nature be allowed to come near these proceedings as they go along. Keep my mind away from any vibrations which do not uplift my efforts in every single way.


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Thank you for sharing.

Life is good.

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