Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Higher Calling

Rise up into the highest path. From there express your will.

Imagine the pouring forth of will as in the torrent of rain that fills a valley below in minutes with its abundance. Then shine the sunlight of will all through everything which is seen and unseen.

Fill the obvious and the hidden with your light.

Once you have acted in this manner rise up again some distance from your starting point and see the results. Declare them good.

Life and death are about the transformation of consciousness. Consciousness expands by the nature of our thoughts.

If we choose to think on high then that is where we will live.

There is the nothing, the mystery, the unknown, the undifferentiated substance, the mind stuff, or whatever and out of that nothing we by our actions above and below make something out of nothing.

How do we make anything? By transforming that which is not into that which is. Here is a card trick for the mind.

Pick a moment any moment. What do you choose to do with this moment? Okay you've made up your mind. Now place that moment back into the deck of moments. Shuffle once or twice. Quickly now shut your eyes and reach in for that moment of choice. It's the same moment however, now it is surrounded by all those other moments of choice. This is how the warp and woof of our lives proceeds.


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