Monday, July 18, 2005

Clear the way

Before you build a house you have to clear the land. You clear the land of weeds, rocks and of any obstructions that there may be to establishing a solid level foundation. Then you build your foundation put up your walls and you are ready to inhabit your house.

Clearing the land: Let go of all grievances like A Course in Miracles says. Let go of past hurts and let go of your own attacks towards others. Suppose someone has injured you and you harbor resentment. It is like a weed in your mind. Let both of these hurts and attacks go and clear the places within. Let go of your mistakes, resentments and fears. They impede your way and are especially hard to trace once they've become established. You can let them go by recognition and focusing on a clearing all purpose energy cleansing breath.

Establish a level foundation: Maintain your positive attitude by thinking positive thoughts. These are thoughts which create something out of nothing. What they create is filled with your hopes and dreams. They are the outworkings of your the energy of your inner being.

Put up your walls: Accept your good. Accept that which is coming to you. Relax and be ready to receive. The walls that are formed by these kinds of actions are walls of good. They are walls of attraction. In this case the walls are painted with your thoughts of good. They are painted until they are overflowing. These walls are not static but flowing in and out producing the good that you experience. They overflow until they become the floors and ceiling of your dwelling place.

Inhabit your house: Relax and allow the full energy of receiving to enter into the core of your being. This is where you live. It cannot be activated except by your acceptance.

"Yes I am here.
Yes I am now.
This is the place I want to be.
Here I am myself and no other.
Here thy will is done and all is complete."


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