Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bahir verse 62

The way shifts slightly and leads us in yet another unexpected direction. I believe this to be true of most mystical writings which are based upon our understanding in the moment. It is to one of those moments that we'll speak of in the commentary to Verse 62

Bahir Verse 62. They asked him: What is the meaning of the verse [with regard to Balak and Balaam] (Numbers 23:14), "And he took him to the field of the seers."? What is the "field of the seers"? As it is written (Song of Songs 7:12), "Come my beloved, let us go out to the field." Do not read Sadeh (the field), but Sidah (carriage). What is this carriage? He said, "The Heart of the Blessed Holy One." His heart said to the Blesssed Holy One, "Come my beloved, let us go out to the carriage to stroll. It will not constantly sit in one place."

Commentary: In Numbers 22: begins a story about how Balak the ruler of the region calls upon Balaam a seer to curse Israel who is on his doorstep so that Balak and his people will win over them.
Balaam cannot say anything but the word of God and cannot curse Israel. In fact Balaam ends up cursing Balak and blessing Israel. That is the context here. The field is canvas upon which our thoughts play their way into form. Carriage refer to the the body of form. The rabbi's are describing a transformation of the soul through the body and its connection thereof. The heart of our soul is our body which does not sit in one place but moves constantly. Our heart beats even when we are sitting still. What is being called for here is a harmony between body and mind, or between heart and soul. The carriage is the carrier of the soul. As such it relaxes itself as in strolling to accomodate the higher thoughts of the soul. The hidden kernel throughout this verse is the connection between body and soul. It will be interesting to see if this connection is further elucidated in the next verse.

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