Friday, June 10, 2005

Expanding your spirit - Each verse in the Bahir is a Key - The Doors of Understanding

Free the mind by expanding your spirit. What does your soul want to do? Express itself and grow into that expression.
1)The mind gets ensnared by reaction and fooled by attraction.
Example. Someone says something to you which touches or pushes your buttons. What they say takes them a few seconds but what you think about what they say make last with you the rest of that day and into the next. You start to groove your unpleasant reaction. This isn't good. Here is how to stop your reaction.
Focus your mind in the middle of your reaction on something else such as a goal you are striving for, someone you love, or something that makes you feel good about yourself. Keep at this focus until you move your reaction into the background.

Become aware that there is a foreground and a background to your thinking. Make your foreground the active thought or the focused thought. I keep speaking about this kind of thing because it is always relevant and we cannot ever have too much of our own good. The ideal flow of thought is to keep producing actively the foreground of your good while as these thoughts take their course they enter the background of your thinking. The idea is to surround yourself with your good.

Yes this takes practice. The ways within flow each day and it our intention which directs their influence. There isn't a quick fix that you apply and well that's it. There is however a way that you may live with each day to make things better for you in all the aspects of your life.

Make it your business to tell yourself frequently no matter what the circumstances that you life is getting better for you in every way. Start now or continue if you are already in this mind set. This is the rod or staff of Moses that is made of the living tree acacia which sprouts new life at every turn. The effect of this meditation-vibration-affirmation is that you are tuning your thought atmosphere to receive the influx of that better life.

All of this ironically refers to the next verse in our series of Bahir, verse 46. I am including this verse for reference only and because this verse open a door to another understanding in mind which pertains to the topic we have been speaking. We don't have to go line by line to make sense of this. All we need to know it that this verse now acts as a catalyst for both the information that comes before it and the information that ensues after it. It is a key and doesn't have to be looked at that closely in order to fit it into the labyrinth in or mind to find the open doors of understanding. Here is the verse. You may skip it and read more commentary below it.

'46. One verse states (2 Samuel 22:10), "He bent the heavens and came down, with gloom under His feet." Another verse says (Exodus 19:20) "And God came down on Mount Sinai, to the top of the mountain." Still another verse, however, (Exodus 20:22) states "From heaven I spoke to you." How is this reconciled? His "great fire" was on earth, and this was one voice. The other voices were in heaven. It is thus written (Deuteronomy 4:36) , "From the heavens He let you hear His voice, that He might instruct you. And on the earth He showed you His great fire, and His words you heard from the fire." Which [fire] was that? It was the "great [fire" that was on the earth.] From where did the speech emanate? From this fire, as it is written, "and His words you heard from the fire."

What is the word or what is his voice other than our thoughts we have? Some may say do you mean we are thinking the thoughts of God? Yes your thoughts are God's thought. How come I am so confused then, God isn't confused? God is everything even your confusing thoughts. What makes this realization so wonderful is that because they are God's thoughts you may change those thoughts infinitely in the direction of good to make your life better. Let yourself become a better person by knowing that you live inside the mind of God and your choices are given the weight of God's meditation because in unity all is one.

No separation. All power to change your mind is with you as God is with you now and never leaves. Your thoughts about God being distant are what keep you from God. Your perception becomes then your projection.

Choose something good simply by thinking good about something. This then is God's choice for it is our highest praise if you will that we can give to that which empowers us and that which shares the creative moment with us.

My purpose is to show you that this isn't difficult once you begin to see that you can accept as much or as little good as you want. You want more good, then think of something good. Yes make it up in your mind and groove on those feelings. While you are at it transform everything that isn't perfect in your life. Become the center of expression for your good.


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