Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Single Intention

Your perception of reality changes by the moment according to the thoughts that you are thinking. Some would argue that reality never changes and it is only our perception which make these seeming changes. However it is this perception which not only changes our minds about what we see but actually changes the concrete substance of the reality we are interacting with. It is difficult to explain how this takes place. One explanation is that an infinite number of outcomes are possible in any given moment. All of these outcomes may take place in any given moment of time. We live in a dimension of thought. Thought is what shapes reality. There is unity in thought. It is this unity which moves thought along into the visualized form. This unity is by definition everywhere present. When you so desire to see an outcome everything must be in synchronization with this outcome. Your thoughts, your expectations, your emotions, and every preparation for this outcome is meant to weave in and out of these various devices of being. That which keeps you on target is the will of your intention. The will which is the building block cannot be subsumed. There is a single intention that you have in mind and it is going to work out somehow, yes it is.


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