Monday, November 29, 2004

A Voice full of healing

When I hear the story of your illness and your search for answers without I would like to offer a way within. An exercise perhaps in imagery. It may not mean anything to you. But each time you mention your illness this answer comes forth within my mind. I care nothing about your illness and honestly do not believe in it. I do believe in you and the incredible journey you have taken and are about to undergo. Let me show you a door here. It leads to peace and harmony. I've taken this door when I was once left for dead so I speak from the ultimate experience. Amaze yourself because frankly this is what we are here to do. Listen.

Let's use the sun for example. I will ask you to visualize this same sun inside of yourself radiating outward, its heat and healing rays affected by only one thing. That one thing is your attention and ability to fix the volatile (your mind is the volatile, the raging thoughts, the fear thoughts, the thoughts placed inside of you by others) Yes hold still for the focused thought of healing, your own healing complete in every way. At some point while you are reading this you will have a rush of feeling, of warmth which rises in recognition of truth. It is your inner spirit responding to your imagination. We must find this stone within you so that you can carry it with you always once you discover it for sure. This stone is your conviction, your certainty that through Mercury -your mind and thoughts therein you are able to dispense and cause to radiate throughout you, every transformation neccessary to dissipate the source of your illness. As the sun radiates and rises it shines its light upon venus. This is your heart and the heart of compassion. It is your gratefulness for every good thing you've ever known. Remember now these good feelings. Call them up into your awareness. Think of good times. Think of friends or family or lovers, whatever. Think of your good times. It is this feeling which is going to be expanded as the sun of your awareness gradually grows into the flame of healing which forever balances your vessel. This is an exercise not left for irregular visits. It can be performed for five minutes each day or longer up to an hour. What is important is establishing a pattern, a groove, a cycle, a circuit. Revolve the sun of your certainty then around the axis of your attention. Remember. Tie a string, or wear a ring or set an alarm. In all of this relax for this is the way too. Forget about the doctors for a moment. They can see with their instruments but not as I am showing you to see with your minds eye. Everything you've been looking for is there for you inside of you. Acceptance is your only answer. I am not talking about faith or hope but about science and cause and effect. What I am trying to show you is how to wake up the sun of your awareness. In so doing by the way I awaken my own sun and all others who may partake of this lesson on this day. Did you think your answers were too far away or must be shrouded in mysteries? No this is not the case. The healing way I show you was
used by Paracelsus. Awaken the sun within you. Rise to your own healing day.

Here is how. Take Mercury or the thoughts in mind and arrange them by ordered pathways, or channels so that the flow of ideas becomes continuous and always of the highest nature. These ideas are the reasons for the perfection of the form in which you reside. One reason is enough and that is to become that which you have always been simply a vessel of the divine. You do not want uncertainty. You must be sure. Bring your attention back to your sun and feel is rising within you. These thoughts must be alive and opening up areas of your being that have never been tapped.

Another image. Run inside of your imagination on a meadow in which a forest surrounds it on all sides in a circle. In the center is a window. Go to this window. At first see only the meadow on the other side of the window and then a mist appears on the other side of the window. There begins to appear that which you want to see. It is yourself in perfect health. There is a golden lever on the bottom of the window. Turn it counterclockwise. The window opens, the mists you can feel on your face like the sea in the early morning. The image of the perfect you is outlined and transparent. Open your arms and receive this perfect self inside of yourself. Merge with perfect being. Become my friend that which you are seeking.

Record the above instructions and play them back while meditating or simply groove the images and remember.

The voice that speaks through me today is speaking for you. I do not question this. It just is as is your perfect health. Any others who need healing may partake of this same flame of vision.

I stand aside now my work of the moment being done. Well all I wish you. I see you well.


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