Tuesday, October 26, 2004

360 Degrees of Good

Amongst the books that were thought to be forever lost in the Place of Everlasting Perfection was one called: The 360 Degrees of Good. It is in this book that there is described the way through to the complete experience of Unity with the Creative Force. There inside of its organization of ideas were techniques that were established to bring the thought centered being into communion with the Creative Force. This communion resolves all vestiges of doubt, connects every transformative idea with it like in kind, and brings about the instantaneous appearance of good in every conceivable fashion. These exercises are the means by which images are created and perfected. The perfection of these images is accomplished throughout the lifetime of experience so that the thought centered being is able to produce a localized version of paradise at will at any point of time that was desired to be. This book was written into a special tree in the garden which produced writings for all of the secret books that were produced there. These writings were symbolic representations of those ideas whose timelessness must always be preserved. What better way to preserve these ideas than in the thoughts that were shown in the veins of the leaves which dropped off of these trees forming the semblance of ideas. These idea could then be remembered as easily as sor


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